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Dec 02, 2008

Giant loophole in forest plans

by PhilLee — last modified Dec 02, 2008 01:02 PM

A loophole in proposed schemes to tackle deforestation was exposed at the UN climate talks today.

Welcome to Poznań - enjoy the honey

by Georgie Burr — last modified Dec 02, 2008 11:05 PM
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The long days in Poznań have even exhausted the Young Friends of the Earth delegation.

katehornerWell what a day...


A couple of us from Young Friends of the Earth Europe (YFoee is easier) were saying we feel like we've been run over by a talking lawnmower! Words and meetings since 8.15 am!


But the day does not end yet, we've still got more meetings and a European 'reception' to go to, where our policy team are hoping to snatch a word with some European delegates.


Everyone has been finding their feet today, getting to grips with the craziness of the place. First we entered through the airport style security and then got given a free goody bag. And an interesting goody bag this is...


One thing that I was particularly intrigued by was the pot of honey in a giant box. I thought maybe it would have a message about the plight of the bees, but it just had a poem about honey inside. The general vibe from most YFoee's was that this bag is a super lot of waste! But still I think a lot of us took one.


Another strange happening at a climate change conference is how hot it is in here (or maybe that isn't so strange?!) in one room the heaters were on full at the same time as the air conditioning!


But in good news today I have heard that the UK has agreed on a national target of a 34% carbon reduction (below 1990 levels) by 2020, regardless of what is decided internationally.  But they also said that if the Copenhagen agreement (to replace the current Kyoto Protocol) is a strong agreement, they will increase the percentage to 42%!  So although this has yet to be finalized it is the right direction.


Today I also went to the Friends of the Earth talk on some of the problems with REDD (a mechanism to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation in developing countries). The talk was really interesting; there was a great question and answers session. Find out more about REDD here.


I best be off to the reception!


Georgie :-)


Photo: Kate Horner from Friends of the Earth US hosts the REDD discussion