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Dec 05, 2008

Exhaustion sets in - already

by Carlos García-Robles — last modified Dec 05, 2008 06:25 PM
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Too much talk and, so far, no action.

glassesHello all!


AHHH I am exhausted and it is only the 4th day of negotiations at COP14! 


All this energy from so many people with so many diverse interests and concerns is overwhelming .. but you know, this makes me think that all of this movement, all these side events, workshops and negotiations and so on is like a smokescreen or a diversion from really engaging in real concrete action and just going directly to the point!!  


Yeah yeah I know.. it's "very complicated" but aren't all these people attending this conference just too busy keeping busy on so little? 


People! We have a deadline to try to save the planet! Scientist's have said repeatedly that if we,  (meaning we as all of us no matter from which country or region) do not stop emitting so much Co2 and other green house gases by  

RIGHT NOW!! we will reach the point of no return very soon. 


I don't want to apply scare tactics on you or anybody, I just would like to hear a country delegate say.. "ok my country will stop emitting hazardous gases to the atmosphere NOW! We will do it by changing our consumption patterns, our transportation habits and by the way, this will not be a problem for the people, will not increase hunger, unemployment...etc., etc..." 


Ok ok ok.... I'm being a little pessimistic. Yesterday some countries actually proposed some serious and provocative statements, like Gabon and Brazil. That was great! But these are just little baby steps compared to what needs to be done! And it has to be done now!


I sound repetitive, but yes, its all about the money and the power, and some people are ready to compromise the climate and the planet just to get them.


Not all hope is lost though. The amazing thing about these international conferences is the amount of amazing people from all over the world with a legitimate interest to stop climate change and start working together. This  

generates huge networks where information, projects, points of view and experiences are shared. This is where my hopes are. On the people. All Friends of the Earth's friends that are here are just giving it all to keep up. They are working with so much passion and are managing to spread the message that we need to speed up! We together as people can make a difference! Keep up the good work.