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Jul 07, 2009

Message from the FoEI mission to Honduras

by PhilLee — last modified Jul 07, 2009 09:07 AM
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Hildebrando Vélez from Friends of the Earth Colombia is part of Friends of the Earth International's mission to accompany the ousted President back into Honduras. The President was refused entry to the country on Sunday so the team are stationed in Nicaragua and awaiting further instruction.

Greetings from Nicaragua, the land of Sandino, Rubén Darío and Fonseca, where we are right now in a Friends of the Earth International Mission, called for by Vía Campesina, with whom in addition to thousands of other voices, we condemn the brutal coup d´etat perpetrated in Honduras, which reminds us of the worst times of military regimes which violated human rights and have caused so much pain and blood in Latin America.

As FoEI members, we are proud to represent a federation which remains faithful to its mission, principles and values, which is completely committed to express and realize solidarity with the brothers and sisters of Madre Tierra (Friends of the Earth Honduras), together with the most impoverished sectors of Honduran society people are demanding justice. It is urgent, in the face of the attitude of the perpetrators of the coup, to be alert in order to protect the lives of Juan Almendares and all members of FoEI in Honduras and our allies in the popular movement.

All of us in the federation should consolidate our unity and mobilize in the defense of life and the rights of the peoples, since this moment is decisive for the present and future of our continent because the achievements reached by the popular struggles in other countries and regions are also threatened by the military force. These struggles show the ways that need to be walked in order to achieve sustainability and justice.

The situation in Honduras is worsening increasingly. The refusal by the coup perpetrators to negotiate a way out with the Organization of American States (OAS) is proof of their determination to continue and deepen this historic injustice against the will of the Honduran people, and to continue insulting the international community. Breaking into hotels, persecuting foreigners that are being accused of indoctrination and instigation to violent actions, shows an ideological-military offensive against the international solidarity, which is raising in support of the people and the organizations of the Honduran social movement. The analysis we can carry out from here indicates that we must continue looking for the best way to mobilize solidarity and the constant support from foreign countries and inside Honduras.

At the time we are in Managua. We have to remain alert, let´s raise the flags of solidarity, let´s create a support fund for the struggle of the Honduran people, let´s establish support networks, let´s not allow the dictatorship to disguise or to become legitimate. Let´s demand a breaking of the diplomatic ties with the coup perpetrators.