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Aug 31, 2009

Join the youth climate movement

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The Young Friends of the Earth Climate project is for young people from all over Europe who are ready to take climate action and demand climate justice for the people and the planet from our governments.

2009 is the pivotal year for climate change. In December the worlds’ governments will meet in Copenhagen to negotiate measures to stop climate change. Act Now!



If your are young (age 18 – 29), motivated and believe that our time has come to act, we invite you to join one of the four regional youth climate conferences that Young Friends of the Earth are organizing all over Europe.


From October 8 – 11, Act Now conferences will take place in Berlin, Toulouse, Malmo and – from Oct. 15 to 18 – in Dublin.


To apply, go to


At these European youth climate conferences, you, and more than 200 young Europeans will learn the latest news about climate change and the status of international climate politics, discuss with elected politicians and be trained how to run climate actions, do media work and motivate more young people to join the movement.


Finally, you will find out how to come to Copenhagen in December and we will jointly plan peaceful yet powerful actions to influence this crucial climate change conference.



To apply for one of the four conferences go to


Applications for all four conferences are open until September 10th.

Aug 28, 2009

Young FoE's statement on Honduras

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This August 62 young people from 27 countries gathered on Croatian island to plan their response to the crucial environmental issues affecting their future. They also expressed their solidarity with the people of Honduras fighting for a return to democracy. Here is their statement.

young foe sholta campWe, 62 young people from 27 countries, meeting in Croatia for a Young Friends of the Earth Europe gathering, express our solidarity with the people of Honduras resisting the coup d'état.

We demand an end to this undemocratic situation and we also demand that people's human rights are respected.

We highlight and value the role of young men and women in the mobilisation
to reclaim civil liberties. We learn from their strength and their courage.

Croatia, 19 August 2009


Signed by:


Lithuania - Norkutė Milda, Uktveryte Jolanta
Norway - Jacob Malin, Gran Eirik
Belgium - Roose Annelies, Dehasse Aline, Couckuyt Hanne, Guns Robin
Malta - Debono Christian 
Greece - Stavroulaki Eirini
Netherlands - Vasen Ellard, Linssen Suzanne, Engel Marijn, Dingemans Luut, Bruil Janneke
France - Huck Noémie
Sweden - Wu Lina, Lensell Erik
Hungary - Török Márton, Takács Tamás, Bortnyák Vera
Austria - Keller Roland
UK - Schneeberger Kirsty, Manson Sophie, Schrammar Chris
Germany - Holzamer Gertrud
Australia - Long Stephanie, Grainger Laura
Ukraine - Yeliseyeva Ganna, Datsiuk Inna, Viter Daryna
Spain - Gonzalez Alejandro, Torres Marta
Switzerland - Mettler Silvia
Italy - Iaffaldano di gregorio Jonas, La Rosa Mario
Cyprus - Panayiotou Stella, Kameris Petros, Agathangelou Melios
Croatia - Nožina Rina, Rumenović Tina, Krajnović Dora, Stipić Filip, Radovanovic Hrvoje, Tomac Luka,
Zokovic Ivan, Kanic Katarina, žučko Jelena, Prša Marija, Međugorac Vanja
Serbia - Anastasov Danijela, Poucki Jelena, Jankovic Nikola, Jadranka Ilic
Bosnia - Crnkovic Natasa, Perać Draško
Macedonia - Draganovski Jovan, Gileva Katerina
Argentina - Salvático Natalia
Indonesia - Ahfi Ahfi
South Africa - Mthembu Bongani
Brazil - Lamas Pucci Larissa

Aug 20, 2009

Honduras updates

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Friends of the Earth International stands in solidarity with the peoples of Honduras in their mobilizations to demand an end to the coup d'etat and the unconditional return of the democratically-elected President Manuel Zelaya to his post.

Keep updated on the response of civil society organizations in Honduras including that of Friends of the Earth Honduras on Real World Radio.