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Oct 05, 2009

FoEI groups demand climate justice in bangkok

by PhilLee — last modified Oct 05, 2009 10:40 AM
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Friends of the Earth International is demonstrating with thousands of Asian and international climate justice activists and representatives of affected communities in Bangkok, Thailand. Steph Long, climate coordinator, writes from Bangkok.


Our civil society debates, demonstrations and forums coincide with the UN climate talks - the fourth gathering of the year in preparation to the climate summit in Copenhagen this December.

The civil society program has included daily mobilisations demanding the repayment of the climate debt, the exclusion of the World Bank and other international financial institutions from climate finance, and the rights of indigenous peoples, fisherfolk and women to be protected.


The forums have focussed on articulating how we can achieve climate justice - real solutions to climate change that don't risk either people or the planet.

official talks

bangkok-1Meanwhile the official climate talks have been significantly undermined by the regressive position of wealthy industrialised countries, particularly the US, who are failing to meet their obligations to accept emissions reduction targets and financing for developing countries in line with what science requires.


This is wearing thin the patience of many developing countries who are now questioning whether an agreement in Copenhagen is possible with such limited political will of the developed countries.