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Nov 24, 2009

FoE Denmark prepare for the Flood

by PhilLee — last modified Nov 24, 2009 04:52 PM

Friends of the Earth Denmark are preparing the Danish public for the Flood for Climate Justice march that will take place in Copenhagen on Saturday 12 December.

Nov 09, 2009

Barcelona report card

by PhilLee — last modified Nov 09, 2009 03:00 PM
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Young Friends of the Earth Europe assesses the performance of leaders at the Barcelona climate talks in the form of a school report and highlights which countries need to pull their socks up.

Nov 03, 2009

Barcelona climate talks

by PhilLee — last modified Nov 03, 2009 05:35 PM

African negotiators at the UN climate talks in Barcelona have refused to continue formal discussions about all other issues and are insisting instead that the talks focus on real carbon-reduction targets for rich countries.

barcelona actionToday in solidarity with Africa Friends of the Earth International held an action in support of African delegates’ insistence that developed countries commit to new, strong binding targets. Delegates and observers were invited to join a human shield against the killing of Kyoto targets and instead urged to promote at least 40% emission reductions with no offsets by 2020.

Kamese Geoffrey of NAPE/ Friends of the Earth Uganda warned:

"Rich countries are attempting to dodge their legal and moral responsibilities to reduce emissions. Developing countries and communities have historically had practically no fault in the creation of climate change, yet they will be the first to face the devastating impacts of climate change."

Millions of people are already being affected by climate change impacts such as floods and droughts.

Line Kirk of Young Friends of the Earth said:

"The world needs those responsible for climate change legally bound to act. Rich industrialised (Annex I) countries are proposing the replacement of a legally binding instrument with a voluntary pledge system, which will almost certainly spell disaster for the planet and all people. We demand our future is secured through strong new targets for rich countries - without offsetting - under the Kyoto Protocol."


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