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Dec 17, 2009

Time wasting and empty promises

by PhilLee — last modified Dec 17, 2009 05:50 PM
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This morning members of Climate Justice Now, briefing the Klimaforum on the sate of the talks, were joined by Cristian Dominguez, a member of the Bolivian negotiating team. At the climate talks Hilary Clinton proposed a $100 billion fund for climate change but, as ever, the devil's in the details.

Ricardo Navarro from Friends of the Earth El Salvador opened proceedings at the Klimaforum by talking about the expulsion of the Friends of the Earth International delegation from observing the talks and how the people who represent the millions of affected people around the world are being denied a voice.


Today only two people from Friends of the Earth International were allowed into the conference centre where the talks are taking place.


On the talks Karen Orenstein from Friends of the Earth US said:


"The blame game is now beginning for who will be responsible for the no solution."


Friends of the Earth International believes that rich countries are squarely to blame for the lack of any meaningful progress made so far.


Cristian Dominguez from the Bolivian negotiating team at the climate conference told the audience what it was like on the inside for developing countries:


"They don't want to talk about the Kyoto Treaty so they delay. Last night we stayed until 2am and achieved nothing."


He said the politicians of the developing countries were focusing on the past and unwilling to change, "they are like robots of the capitalist system."


"We have faith that Evo Morales [the Bolivian President] won't sign a document that goes against humanity, against Mother Earth" he concluded.

the climate fund

Most of the politicians and heads of state attending the summit have now arrived in Copenhagen and are making announcements on how they propose to move forward.


Today US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton announced a $100 billion climate fund. However, she did not say how much the US would contribute to this amount that falls far short of what the United Nations say is needed.

Read the press release

Friends of the Earth voices for climate justice shut out in Copenhagen

by PhilLee — last modified Dec 17, 2009 10:25 AM
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Yesterday Friends of the Earth were suspended from the UN climate talks despite having all the relevant accreditation . The reasons varied from "fire regulations" to "security concerns." We think this is a result of our critical voices at the summit and our demands for climate justice for developing countries.


Watch the video of the how the day unfolded

Video: The flood for climate justice

by PhilLee — last modified Dec 17, 2009 06:38 PM
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More than five thousand people from around the world joined the Flood for Climate Justice on Saturday December 12 'flooding' the streets of Copenhagen demanding 'climate justice' and an end to offsetting carbon emissions.