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Mar 28, 2011

The true cost of nuclear power

by PhilLee — last modified Mar 28, 2011 01:57 PM
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Our colleagues at Friends of the Earth Japan are writing a blog on life after the earthquake and tsunami. They will be documenting how they, and fellow citizens, are rebuilding their lives and addressing some of the issues that have arisen as the country recovers from its biggest crisis since World War II.

Have you ever thought you will be affected by radiation or nuclear accidents? I, myself, did not. At least before the accident happened in Fukushima.


A few days ago, three workers of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant were exposed to high level radiation in the plant. They were not wearing long boots, which meant their feet were soaked by radioactive-contaminated water on the ground. They were sent to the hospital. 


Life and safety in Fukushima and the neibouring area will come back only at the sacrifice of these workers. I know nuclear power plants can only work if there are workers who are always facing the risks of radiation.


And there are many people living near the power plant, who were told 'you'll be safe!' by companies and governments. They were reconciled, or accepted that, it would not happen in their 'backyard'. I understood in my head, but might not have felt that from my heart.


The nuclear accidents have changed too many things here in Japan. Sometimes you only know you've lost something once its gone. But, when you lose it, it is often too late.  


After facing accidents in Fukushima, I really know what it means for us to have nuclear power plants in my country. Too many people's life can be devastated by only one accident.