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Bringing messages to Copenhagen - by bike

by PhilLee — last modified Dec 11, 2009 06:59 PM
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Amid the chaos of the conference centre a press conference was held by Kim Nguyen who had cycled from Australia all the way to the climate conference collecting messages for delegates on the way.

kim-nguyenKim's journey began in East Timor where the people he met people had first hand experience of the devastating effects of climate change.


"For three years the seasonal rains never came and then one year they came all at once and were deluged. The few crops they have were destroyed" he said.


He met people in the Gobi desert who told him that every year the desert expands and more and more lakes and rivers dry up.


It was in the same desert that he saw a working example of renewable energy at a local level.


"All the tents they lived in had solar panels on the top."


Throughout his travels he collected messages for the world leaders at the climate summit in video, photo, illustrations and letters.


He is now trying to deliver those messages to the people in the COP15 summit who are deciding on their futures.

You can see a selection of the messages here

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