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Email your nearest Honduran embassy

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Write to your nearest Honduran embassy and demand that the Honduran Armed Forces immediately re-instate the ousted President Zelaya and re-establish respect for all elected authorities.

Here is some text you can use or sample for your email or letter.



Subject:  Reinstate President Manuel Zelaya.

Date: xxx


To:  The Embassy of Honduras in xxx

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my deep concern about the current situation in the republic of Honduras and my unreserved condemnation of the illegal detention and expulsion of the constitutional President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya.

I join with the international community in demanding that the Honduran Armed Forces immediately re-instate Mr Zelaya and re-establish respect for all elected authorities.  We condemn any persecution or repression of activists in grassroots movements and organizations by the sectors promoting the coup. 


We insist that the Honduran Army respect the physical integrity of all Honduran social movements, organizations, the demonstrators who are defending the institutional order and we will be watchful for human rights abuses.


Since this illegal action this week, the news of Mr Zelaya’s removal and details of the subsequent military actions have spread throughout the international community. 


We want the Honduran Army to know that we are fully aware of the current stage of repression and have photographic evidence of what is happening in the streets of Honduras.  The removal of President Zelaya was an illegal action and we are watching closely to ensure that social peace is restored in Honduras.  We demand that the democratic process, and the will of the Honduras people, be respected.

In solidarity with the Honduran people,

Your Name Here

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