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Home of respected Colombian Professor raided

by PhilLee — last modified Apr 06, 2011 04:36 PM
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Friends of the Earth International is greatly concerned by the news of a raid, by the Colombian army, on the house of Mario Mejia Gutierrez, a well-known Professor of Latin American Agroecology. We have been informed that a group of 70 Colombian military personnel participated in the raid. They caused severe damage to the property.

Mario Mejia GutierrezMario Mejía has become a leader of the Latin American agroecology and environmental movement because of his contributions in developing an agroecological way that respects environmental and cultural heritage. His publications are read by many.

In his home in San Antonio, Valle del Cauca, Professor Mario Mejia has developed the important work of protecting the water springs that provide drinking water to nearly 35 families. In addition he's been involved in reforestation work, a rural school, and workshops for peasant groups. Thousands of people have visited his house in order to learn environmentally friendly practices.

With his own resources he's built lodgings, dry toilets and wooden stoves which were seriously damaged by the raid.

We demand the Colombian authorities investigate these incidents and guarantee the human rights of the Professor, and those he works with, and that he is compensated for the damage caused to his property.

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