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international petition on radiological impact of Fukushima disaster

by PhilLee — last modified Apr 06, 2011 03:04 PM

Japanese NGOs and citizens are calling on the international community to sign a petition, that will be presented to the Japanese government, calling for greater measures to protect and compensate people from the radiological impact of the Fukushima disaster

The petition is available to sign on the Green Action Japan website, one of the NGOs Friends of the Earth Japan is working with.

Sign the petition now!

The petition calls for the Japanese government to:

  1. Immediately issue a directive to evacuate and enlarge the evacuation zone.
  2. Calculate and publicise the total cumulative radiation dose local residents are receiving.
  3. Repeal the upward revision of the maximum permissible radiation dose (250 milliSieverts) for emergency-response workers at the Fukushima plant.
  4. Expand the scope of radiation monitoring and publicise the results.
  5. Undertake immediately a comprehensive survey of the radiation exposure and current state of health of local residents and provide for their long-term health care.
  6. Do not relax the provisional standards governing the maximum permissible levels of radionuclides in food.
  7. Provide compensation for damages to farm and dairy producers and to people who have been forced to relocate.
  8. Generally, take all measures necessary to ensure that members of the public do not receive radiation doses greater than 1 milliSievert per annum.


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