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Join the day of climate action in Bangkok

by PhilLee — last modified Sep 10, 2009 10:10 AM
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If you're going to be on Thailand on October 5 join us in Bangkok for the people's march for climate justice.

The Asian Peoples' Solidarity for Climate Justice was formed to prepare the civil society program in parallel with the United Nations climate talks, September 28 to October 9, 2009, Bangkok.

In addition to a dynamic and extensive schedule of events, we invite you to participate in a peaceful and public demonstration of our collective demand for climate justice.


We demand immediate cuts: cut the carbon, cut the foreign debt, cut the false solutions, cut the World Bank and the corporations out! We demand recognition and full respect for peoples' rights, reparation for climate debts and peoples sovereignty NOW!

Join with us in the streets of Bangkok with your banners and flags to create a colourful, vibrant, energetic peoples march for climate justice. There will be a program of events at the conclusion of the march including speakers from across civil society and music.

Support the Asian Peoples' Solidarity for Climate Justice!


More details to follow shortly.


Asia Peoples' Solidarity for Climate Justice preparatory meeting was hosted by the Thai Working Group on Climate Justice in Bangkok 18-19 July 2009.


The following organisations participated in the meeting: Jubilee South-APMDD, Freedom from Debt Coalition,  SEAFISH/ Tambuyog, SAAPE Earth Rights, IESR-Indonesia, GAIA, Christian Aid, Oxfam Great Britian/Thailand,, NGO- Forum on ADB, Assembly of the Poor, AIPP, Chang Mai IKAP network/ IPFCC, Thailand AIPP, IBON Foundation/ PMCC, APWLD, ECOT, CEC/ PCWA, BIOTHAI, Friends of the Earth International, NGO-COD, Thai TERRA, GCCA- Asia, Focus on the Global South, OWINFS, Oxfam International, Third World Network, ETC Group.

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