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Ready, get set...march!

by Carlos García-Robles — last modified Dec 07, 2008 05:00 PM

Despite a bit of police intimidation, Saturday's Climate Day of Action rally was all I'd hoped for and more.

poznan-bikesYEAAHH!! On the morning of the 6th I just couldn’t get up, not only because of this exhausting week - the party last night also had something to do with it. However, thinking that I was going to bike and march for the climate just pulled me out of bed.


After a good breakfast, we headed to the "castle" in downtown Poznan where at least 200 people were ready to send a strong message: if we as people from all over the world can get together to move around the city without emitting any Co2, why can’t everyone else?


Our Polish friends made arrangements so that everybody could have a non Co2 emitting two wheeler and they did it very well. We had a great ride.


A polish Santa was leading the group shouting climate change stuff in polish, while we were waving at the crowds gathering on the pavements. Everybody was smiling and having fun, plus it was the best way to get to know and feel the city.


And after the ride, the march! It was amazing. It looked more like a party than anything else, people were cheering, laughing, dancing, playing music and having fun. Some had all sorts of crazy outfits, banners and painted faces.

And yes, as always in these kind of demonstrations the police were all over, it was crazy, after the bike ride we saw this police guy with a tank of tear gas, guess where, in front of the MC...yes... pathetic.


The scene was amazing though, people gathering on the streets to fight for the climate were surrounded. Front and back there were police cars and police men following us all the way on the sides. The, almost, armoured horses were blocking the side  streets and a helicopter was following us all the way to the conference venue. 


There was so much positive energy and determination though, for most of the time, the police were merely a slight distraction.


At the end it all turned out well and people felt they had accomplished what they set out to do. We had this feeling that at last something had happened that was worth being happy about.

Now its Sunday morning and the Friends of the Earth International folks are having a very technical meeting reviewing all the outcomes of the week. I’m just sitting here trying to look smart and taking notes.


There's a lot of talk about the Climate Justice Now - a coalition Friends of the Earth of involved with - because of the great response there was to the march which they organised. Lots of groups had Climate Justice Now banners, especially the ones from the South. This movement could be a force to be reckoned with.


Thanx for reading!

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