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The FoEI mission to Honduras calls for solidarity

by PhilLee — last modified Jul 08, 2009 10:57 AM
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The criminal repression of the demonstrators who gathered on Sunday in Honduras to welcome his president Manuel Zelaya, resulted in two people dead and tens of injured. Besides this, the coup perpetrators decided not to allow the return of President Zelaya to Honduran territory.

This marks the start of a new state in the struggle for sovereignty and the peoples' rights, as well as the incipient democratic processes in the region. These events lead to a call to strengthen and radicalize the actions in support of the Honduran people.


The coup d'état in Honduras should be understood not only as an action against a certain people or country, but as an attempt against the social victories that have been achieved by the popular struggles determined to end hunger and injustice in the region. These violent attitudes are motivated by the interests of groups and corporations who see their political and economic privileges collapse. They don't even care to challenge the international community represented by oranizations like the OAS or the UN, which have condemned the coup in Honduras.


FoEI's mission had planned to enter Honduras by land, or by air, but in both cases we were unable to do that, so we stayed in Managua holding meetings with La Via Campesina, planning the solidarity and sovereignty strategy for the region. We urge you to increase the pressure in your own countries to publicly reject the military coup and the de facto government, and to start emergency fundraising to support Madre Tierra.

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