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Visit these websites for some inspiration
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Green Uses for Waste
Environmentally friendly ways to re-use all your waste.

Choose2reuse gives useful tips about reusing:

Reuse guide
inspires ideas for reusing almost everything!

ReadItSwapIt facilitates direct swapping of books among its members in the UK:

Don’t dump that helps communities reuse

Composting – a handy guide with all you need to know

Local Exchange and Trading Systems, find out how these systems work and how you can join them around the world at

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second hand

ebay - The world's online (second hand) marketplace:

Charity shops help you to support both charity and the environment (UK)

Thrift Stores - you buy second hand goods and support charities (USA)

Freecycle - get 2nd hand goods for FREE:

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buying ethically

Slow Food is the antithesis of fast food and fast living. The movement celebrates local food traditions, seasonal produce and the origins of food.

Good Gifts. Give a gift that won't be forgotten, such as funding a travelling library, clearing a minefield or investing in ‘peace oil’, made by a cooperative of Palestinian and Israeli farmers.

Caring consumer offers cruelty-free companies and products:

Thread is the BBC's guide to eco-fabulous fashion:

Ethics girls for ethical fashion and ideas;

Ethical Consumer digs out the dirt on your favourite companies:

Fair Trade shops – find out where your nearest one is (Europe):

Ethical Junction is a directory of ethical companies:

Oh Big Box Mart, Your every day low prices have a price! In this funny cartoon a factory worker learns the truth about his favorite department store.

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These are some of our favourite Live More songs!

Bob Marley- Rat Race

Rage Against the Machine- Wake Up

Sex Pistols- Holiday in the Sun

Tom Waits- Step Right Up

Talking HeadsLove for Sale

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campaigns & movements

Adbusters is a global network of culture jammers and creatives who are working to change the way information flows and meaning is produced in society.

International Buy Nothing Day
is an annual day of creative and inspiring protest against consumerism:

Never enough - How much is enough? Visit the still very resource-ful web site of this dissolved campaign

Bookcrossing - finished your book? Leave it on a park bench, at a coffee shop, at a hotel on vacation to find a new reader!

The Church of Stop Shopping – you’ve never seen anything like it! Featuring Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir at

Free Hugs are such a joy. Watch huggers embracing shoppers in Peru, China, the Netherlands, the Philippines, South Africa and Hollywood! Smiles guaranteed.

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Guide to living – Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland has a beautiful online guide to other lifestyle choices

The Story of Stuff is a film that shows you what it takes to produce the items we buy, a must see!

Polyp is the wonderful creator of our rat race animation. This radical political cartoonist has a unique talent for exposing the painfully funny truths of our 'big bad world' . Experience him at


Happiness in cans. We know you're gonna love it!

Stick with what you got is a video cartoon about brands and identity at and here's a page with other games relating to the same idea

Instructables gives tips for making things (instead of buying them) as they specialize in do-it-yourself projects,
Money won´t make you happy is the conclusion of a research review you can find at

How to cook a planet – where it all went wrong, and how you can become the solution:

Why money doesn´t buy happiness is explained in this article:

Wedding List Giving – got everything you need already? Why not ask friends to donate to charity as a gift?

Freegan – the most sustainable lifestyle ever?

Affluenza - are you suffering from it too?

Why smiles are better than Prozac - Want to feel happier?


New Internationalist Magazine is a communications collective for people, ideas and action on global justice:

Pope hits out at consumer culture, says a BBC article at

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