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You are here: Home / Get involved / photo competition / images / 2010 / Movements for Change

Movements for Change

Image 0228.jpg
1st place - Rudolf Árpád Kozsák, Hungary: Urban bicycle parade, Budapest, Hungary. Friends of the Earth groups' 1st choice
Image 00353.jpg
2nd place - Adela Nistora, Romania: Children protest the removal of ancient trees from a park in France in order to make way for an underground parking garage.
Image 00564.jpg
3rd place - Kaido Haagen, Estonia: Campaign in Estonia for canvas bags visually creates the effect of thousands of plastic bags in the ocean. Friends of the Earth groups' 2nd choice
Image 00234.jpg
4th place (tied) - Tatiana Rodriguez, Mexico: Protestor at a silent march in Mexico against the abuse of women.
Image 00433.jpg
4th place (tied) - Gagan Nayar, India: Rally against Dow Chemical on the anniversary of the Bhopal gas tragedy, India. Friends of the Earth groups' 2nd choice
Image 00181.jpg
5th place - Jean Schwarz, Brazil: Worker in a recycling cooperative in Brazil.
Image 00695.jpg
6th place - Wissam Nassar, Palestine: Palestinian demonstrators run for cover after Israeli forces opened fire at a peaceful demonstration to resist Israel's allocation of 300-meter-wide buffer zone along its borders with Gaza. The buffer zone restricts farmers' access to their land.
Image 0059.jpg
7th place - Alex G. Kamweru, Kenya: A mother carries her child on her back as she plants tree seedlings during a community reforestation exercise in Kenya.
Image 00432.jpg
8th place - Gagan Nayar, India: Child at protest rally on the anniversary of the Bhopal gas tragedy, India.
Image 00437.jpg
9th place (tied) - Gert Steenssens, Colombia: An artist performs a water ritual during a demonstration in support of a referendum that would have water included as a basic human right in the Colombian Constitution.
Image 00537.jpg
9th place (tied) - Pradeep Tewari, India: Students of India's Government College for Girls take a pledge to fight against female feticide.
Image 00401.jpg
10th place (tied) - Belén Déniz Martín, Spain: March in favor of the resumption of public transport on this road in the Canary Islands, Spain.
Image 0067.jpg
10th place (tied) - Nahed Hamdi, USA: Demonstration against the Iraq war, United States.
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