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You are here: Home / Get involved / photo competition / images / photo-comp-09 / biodiversity lost

biodiversity lost

Image Prakash Hatvalne, India - 1st place
1st place - Prakash Hatvalne, India: A salt worker, know as an Agaria, in Gujarat, India, collects fire wood. Agarias have little access to safe drinking water, health services, education and residential facilities.
Image David Gilbert, USA - 2nd place
2nd place - David Gilbert, USA: A recently cleared area for oil palm plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia, where only 3% of the original rainforest remains. Friends of the Earth groups' 1st choice.
Image MG Sarower, Bangladesh - 3rd place
3rd place, MG Sarower, Bangladesh: A man walks along desertified land where the River Padma once ran in western Bangladesh.
Image Jessie Boylan, Australia - 4th place
4th place, Jessie Boylan, Australia: A uranium mine in South Australia draws 35 million litres of water per day, depriving plants, birds and animals of essential water. Friends of the Earth groups' 3rd choice.
Image Alex Masi, Italy - 5th place
5th place, Alex Masi, Italy: The blackened, contaminated waters of the Krishni river in the village of Chandenamal, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Image Prakash Hatvalne, India - 6th place
6th place, Prakash Hatvalne, India: On Upper Lake in Bhopal, India, a man shades himself from the sun. Upper lake is the primary source of water for residents.
Image Emu Emran, Bangladesh - 7th place
7th place, Emu Emran, Bangladesh: A man cuts shark fins to satisfy demand for shark fin soup, an expensive delicacy, in Kuakata, Bangladesh.
Image Francisco Morosini, Argentina - 8th place
8th place, Francisco Morosini, Argentina: An elderly woman holds on to the fence separating her land, where she rears goats, from the advancing soya plantations, in Cordoba, Argentina. Friends of the Earth groups' 2nd choice.
Image SP Mukherji, India - 9th place (tied)
9th place (tied), SP Mukherji, India: In Raiguni, India, two men struggle to fish in polluted waters.
Image Hetal (Teeku) Patel, Kenya - 9th place (tied)
9th place (tied), Hetal (Teeku) Patel, Kenya: In the Kenyan highlands, an indigenous forest has been chopped down for charcoal production.
Image Abhijit Nandi, India, 10th place
10th place, Abhijit Nandi, India: The highly polluted Yamuna river - one of the main rivers in Northern India - is nearly dead.
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