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You are here: Home / Get involved / photo competition / images / photo-comp-09 / biodiversity preserved

biodiversity preserved

Image Ashok Nath Dey, India - 1st place
1st place, Ashok Nath Dey, India: Forest workers release a tiger into the sundarbans, one of the largest mangrove forests in the world, West Bengal, India. Friends of the Earth groups' first choice.
Image Priscilla Pompa, Mexico - 2nd place
2nd place, Priscilla Pompa, Mexico: A protected elephant in a South African nature reserve.
Image Pier Mario Zago, Italy - 3rd place (tied)
3rd place (tied), Pier Mario Zago, Italy: Antelope canyon, located on the semi autonomous Navajo land in Arizona, United States.
Image Sudipto Das, India - 3rd place (tied)
3rd place (tied) Sudipto Das, India: Children cool off at Chilika Lagoon in Orissa, India. The lagoon is a conservation area, where large-scale fishing is banned to preserve rare and endangered species. Friends of the Earth groups' second choice.
Image Liliane Close, Netherlands - 4th place
4th place, Liliane Close, Netherlands: A young Southern Right whale plays at sunset off the Valdes Peninsula, Patagonia, Argentina.
Image Tano Pansino, Argentina - 5th place
5th place, Tano Pansino, Argentina: A herd of wildebeest in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.
Image Natalie Gontar, Ukraine - 6th place
6th place, Natalie Gontar, Ukraine: Water droplets on native plants on the Carpathian Mountain in Ukraine. Friends of the Earth groups' third choice.
Image Vladimir Martínez, Mexico - 7th place
7th place, Vladimir Martínez, Mexico: The Maras salt mines in Peru are the primary livelihood for people living in the sacred valley of the Incas.
Image Kalyan Varma, India - 8th place (tied)
8th place (tied), Kalyan Varma, India: Communities in Karnataka, India help conserve the endangered Olive Ridley turtle.
Image Andy Bramburger, Canada - 8th place (tied)
8th place (tied) Andy Bramburger, Canada: An Inuit boy walks on ice floes in Nunavut, Canada.
Image Ralph Rayner, UK - 9th place (tied)
9th place (tied), Ralph Rayner, UK: A ripening field of organic barley in the United Kingdom with hedges for diverse plant and animal life.
Image Catherine Early, UK - 9th place (tied)
9th place (tied), Catherine Early, UK: A reforestation project in Chilmatenango, Guatemala.
Image Jan Valkenburg, Portugal - 9th place (tied)
9th place (tied), Jan Valkenburg, Portugal: A hardwood tree in Cameroon.
Image Amit Kumar Dan, India - 10th place (tied)
10th place (tied), Amit Kumar Dan, India: A girl collects seasonal flowers growing in a river bed in West Bengal, India.
Image Dibyendu Dey-Choudhury, India - 10th place (tied)
10th place (tied), Dibyendu Dey-Choudhury, India: A woman tends to her sunflowers in West Bengal, India
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