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Acción Ecológica regains legal status

After protests from around the world the Ecuadorian government has reinstated the license of the environmental group Acción Ecológica.

update: This cyberaction is now closed

Acción Ecológica cartoon

On May 11 2009, the Ecuadoran Ministry of Health reinstated the organization's legal status and annulled a former ruling that had cancelled its registration.

The notification, welcomed by Acción Ecológica, enables them to resume their work as a normal functioning non-governmental organization.

Accion Ecologica would like to thank all the people who expressed their support. They firmly believe the reversal of the decision was the result of the hundreds of expressions of solidarity received in the past months by organizations, groups, personalities and individuals from Ecuador and all over the world who mobilized in defense of nature and the communities who are victims of extractive projects or who have been affected by socio-environmental conflicts.

They are confident that the incident will not happen again and that the reinstatement is a positive sign of the government towards organizations, groups and peoples who are legitimately critical of government initiatives and policies that go against the rights of people and environment.

background of the action

In a clear act of censorship, the Ecuadorian government cancelled the registration of Acción Ecológica, a well-known and respected organization, that has a long-standing relationship with Friends of the Earth International.

The government's argument for shutting down Acción Ecológica was that they are not upholding their mission, which is to “defend natural resources, preserve a healthy environment, and defend the rights of nature.”

Acción Ecológica believed they were being punished for their stance against mining, which is in opposition to the government's.

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