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July 29, 2009: Friends of the Earth International Statement on Honduras

Friends of the Earth International stands in solidarity with the peoples of Honduras in their mobilizations to demand an end to the coup d'etat and the unconditional return of the democratically-elected President Manuel Zelaya to his post. We also demand an immediate end to the repression and the violations of human rights being perpetrated by the military and the illegitimate regime of Roberto Micheletti.

We are particularly alarmed about the humanitarian crisis that has been created in the Department of El Paraíso, near the border with Nicaragua, where a state of siege has been in place since 25 July. The army has blocked trucks with food, drinking water, and medicine from entering the region, including those from the International Red Cross. This has left more than 1.000 people isolated and in grave danger of health problems from being forced to drink contaminated water. Humanitarian aid must be allowed into the region immediately.

This state of siege has been extended to 24 hours and hundreds of people have been arrested and repressed. Additionally, the dictatorship is carrying out a selective persecution of social movement leaders, whose lives are being threatened by armed thugs as well as military officials. We demand respect  for human rights and individual guarantees to liberty as provided by the Honduran Constitution and International Human Rights agreements to which Honduras is subscribed.

Friends of the Earth International condemns the illegal usurpation of power and the repression that has ensued. The initial response from the International Community was strong in repudiation of the coup, but support for democracy and civil liberties is now waning. We call on the Organization of American States as well as the governments of the United States, the European Union, and countries from around the world, to strengthen the pressure and take the necessary actions for the illegitimate regime to step down and for the democratically-elected President Zelaya to return to his country unconditionally.

This attack on the civil liberties of the people of Honduras and on their democratic institutions is an attack on all peoples in Latin America and throughout the world. The people of Honduras have the right to take peaceful action to protect their democratic institutions and support their democratically-elected government. Micheletti and his military-backed regime must stop the repression immediately and account for all of their actions that have led to the grave situation in Honduras.


As a federation of organizations in 75 countries, with 2 million members and supporters worldwide, Friends of the Earth International calls on men and women around the world to denounce the escalating violence in Honduras, to demand the safety and respect for human dignity of the people in Honduras who are defending their civil liberties, and to support the social movements in Honduras who are struggling to prevent a humanitarian crisis.


take action and make your voice heard

  • Write to your government demanding that they support the unconditional return of President Zelaya and take concrete action to end the coup. 
  • Donate to the Honduras Solidarity Fund to provide food and medicine for the citizens of Honduras who are increasingly isolated from basic supplies. You can make your contribution here
  • Keep checking the Friends of the Earth International web site for updates and other actions that you can take



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