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July 8: Friends of the Earth International statement on Honduras

Friends of the Earth International is alarmed by the increasing violence and repression after the coup d'etat, kidnapping and illegal transportation of the democratically elected President of Honduras. We stand in solidarity with the men and women of Honduras who continue to struggle for democracy and respect for human rights.

Friends of the Earth International joins Madre Tierra/ FoE Honduras and the social movements of Honduras in demanding the immediate reinstatement of President Zelaya and the unconditional respect for democracy.

We demand respect for the rights of citizens to take peaceful action in the defense of democracy and human rights, and we are outraged at the violence unleashed by the Honduran military forces, which has left at least two people dead and dozens injured.

We are inspired by the hundreds of thousands of people who have made the courageous decision to do all that is necessary to succeed in establishing democracy and constitutional order in the country.

We call on people around the world to support the social movements of Honduras fighting for their human and civil rights through solidarity actions and financial contributions in order to maintain international pressure on the illegitimate government of Roberto Micheletti.

We have established a solidarity fund to support the mobilizations in Honduras and contribute to emergency relief efforts. The money will be channelled through Friends of the Earth Honduras.



Increase the pressure on Honduras

We need to understand the Military Coup in Honduras not just as an action against a specific country or peoples, but as an attack on the social victories that have been secured by the popular struggles that aim to end hunger and injustice in the Central America and beyond.. These violent actions are motivated by corporate and special interests whose political and economic privileges are threatened by social measures to improve living conditions of the most vulnerable and poorest communities.

The situation in Honduras has become complicated after the rejection of the negotiation efforts by Organization of American States by the perpetrators of the military coup. Micheletti and his military supporters have become increasingly isolated as the OAS and the UN General Assembly have demanded the return of President Zelaya.

At the end of the 72 hours ultimatum issued by the OAS to restore the presidency of Manuel Zelaya, the illegitimate regime have intensified the repression against the thousands of Hondurans who have taken the streets of Tegucigalpa and the main towns, to protest against the military coup. The regime have also tightened the control of the media to hide from the world the massive acts of protest against the military coup.

We call upon men and women around the world to increase pressure in each of your countries to publicly denounce the military coup, reject the de facto government, promote its isolation from the international community, and create solidarity funds to support the social movements in Honduras. It is crucial that the international community continue to put pressure to ensure the safe return of President Zelaya to Honduras. For this we must take action to:

  • prevent the strengthening of the illegitimate regime headed by Roberto Micheletti.
  • demand the immediate suspension of the curfew and the restoration of the individual liberties of the people.
  • demand an end to censorship of media and restore freedom of the press.
  • demand an end to the authoritarian actions, the abuses of power, and the violence against the civil population.
  • ensure protection of the lives, spaces and means of the organizations of the social movements.


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