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'The world feels the pain' a statement from Juan Almendares

The world feels the pain and supports the liberation of the Honduran people. By Juan Almendares, Director of Friends of the Earth Honduras. Translated from Spanish.

I welcome the brave and honest effort of all the brothers and sisters of the world and the heroic struggle of the Honduran people in their resistance against the military coup. We have strong admiration and respect for each and every one of the comrades who expressed their solidarity, and for the international media.


Your generous presence and the genuine acts of solidarity of our fellow peoples and the courage of the honest journalists confront the situation of terror we live in. They have contributed to save lives and to expose the oppression of the multinational armed capital.


We are witnessing new war techniques and experiments of low intensity conflicts, physical and psychological torture and crimes against humanity. The Hunter of the Planet has put into practice the old scheme of the National Security Doctrine, and the military formed in the School of the Americas, the disciples of Pinochet and of the Argentine Military Junta.


The ideology is racist and is based on the Monroe doctrine and the Manifest Destiny with the 'face of peace and dialogue' promoted by the armored democracy with tanks, machine guns, rifles and ideological weapons of the media and the media church. Democracy of prayers. Begging God as they beat with the butt of their rifles. Prayers of the authorities of the Catholic and Evangelical church, who support the coup perpetrators, while the church of the poor, that of Monsignor Romero and of Father Guadalupe Carney suffer with the people.



The police is receiving military orders. They work closely with the oppressing class that is obedient to the Washington 'hawks', historical hunters of the Central American hummingbirds, they appear relentless and coward with their weapons. They have the mission to kill and violate human rights. They are the bodyguards of transnational corporations and of the oppressing class that lives in mansions and big estates while the people are starving, suffering misery and desolation.


We see with great pain on the Honduran television how the raging police, as if they were under the effect of drugs, beat up young people with no mercy after a football game as if their skulls were footballs. According to reports two young men were murdered and many people were injured. The outrageous scene tortures the people through media terrorism.


The coup perpetrators are blocking the water, food and medicine supplies to the demonstrators. They jail children, as if they had always been on war against them. They have been trained for a social cleansing of the poor. They threaten to beat up the residents of El Paraiso (neighboring town in the border between Honduras and Nicaragua) if they help their brothers or sisters.



The parasitic oligarchy and the bourgeoisie, which have nurtured from the State's monies are nervous because sectors of the national bourgeoisie, young police officers and some reservists, retired colonels of the Armed Forces, honest police officers, have publicly said they are rebelling against the military and the police brutality.


The moral and spiritual courage of the country's First Lady Mrs. Xiomara Castro, her mother and daughter, who have been marching with the people. They have been stripped of the freedom to mobilize in order to welcome the legitimate President of Honduras: Manuel Zelaya Rosales.  The military coup turned the town of Paraiso into a huge prison of the “wretched of the earth”.


However, the Hondurans have a strong conviction and commitment that we will succeed in our liberation; because the people united with the ties of the planet's love is stronger and bigger than the army and the oppressing class of Honduras that is allied with the Washington hawks.


Tegucigalpa, July 26, 2009


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