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Support Colombian communities affected by flooding

Colombia has experienced the worst floods in several years. More than two million people have been affected by widespread flooding that has been ongoing since September 2010.

Colombia floods-2010-1The government has declared a social, economic and environmental emergency as the whole country tries to cope with the worst flooding since 2007.


The areas most affected are the Caribbean region, Antioquia and Bogota. In November last year, a dam in the Caribbean region broke and flooded four towns; one of them, the town of Santa Lucia, was so inundated that it had to be abandoned. In Antioquia, an entire neighbourhood was covered by a landslide.

According to Censat/Friends of the Earth Colombia, the situation is more serious than the media is reporting. They report large waves hitting the coast putting the lives of people living there at risk. In addition, the Urra dam is completely full and the authorities have announced that they will soon have to release some water which will no doubt exacerbate the flooding.

Our response

Friends of the Earth Colombia are working with ASPROCIG ( the Producers Association for Community Development of the Greater Sinú Region) to relocate people from affected areas and provide food and shelter to families who have lost everything.

In the long term they will continue the work they began after the 2007 floods; this involves working with communities on improving sanitation and making homes more resilient to flooding to ensure they are prepared for future disasters.

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