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Standing in solidarity with the victims of oppression

Friends of the Earth International stands in solidarity with individuals and communities defending their rights all over the world. Find out what we're doing and how you join us.

honduras-demo-4Sept 2009: Hondurans calling for a return to democracy are harassed by the police.

Throughout the world individuals and communities are harassed for defending their rights. Attacks, imprisonment and false accusations are commonplace. Often people are intimidated merely for being associated with environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth International.


We are receiving more and more requests for our solidarity as governments around the world disregard the human and environmental rights of their people and instead work in the interests of transnational corporations.


We respond to such requests by putting pressure on the governments, organizations and individuals involved. This pressure often comes in the form of writing letters to those in authority, issuing statements to the media and lobbying governments.


This pressure works best though when our supporters are behind us adding their names to those letters, taking part in mass online petitions - or cyberactions as we call them - taking to the streets or acting in more subtler ways to demand an end to the injustice.


Whilst international outrage can help bring a situation back from the brink we also need to address the underlying issues as to why governments feel it is legitimate to deny people their rights in the first place.


In all our work we aim to expose the abuse of power wherever we find it. Many of our member groups work with grassroots communities, educating them on their rights and supporting them to speak out in the face of injustice. We can't respond to every incident that takes place though - there are just too many. So, whenever the need arises we will work together with other environmental, civil society and human rights groups to ensure the voices of the oppressed are always heard. 

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