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15 November 2000

hague talks: as politicians waffle on: stick your finger in the dike

building the dike ...

Best Photo Opportunity of COP VI
On Saturday 18th November 2000 starting at 12 noon, thousands of FOE supporters from all over the world will be building a dike directly outside the talks (Netherlands International Convention Centre, Churchillplein, Johan de Witt Laan, The Hague).
Building should be completed by 4pm. The dike will be made of more than 50,000 sandbags. It will be about 400 metres and 1.5 metres high, and decorated with banners, flags and messages from groups and individuals from around the world. Music, theatre, and art events will also be staged, and there will be speakers including witnesses of extreme weather events.

Talk To The Climate Survivor ...

There will be a press conference in the Carel Willink Room at 10am tomorrow. It will be addressed by eye witnesses of extreme weather events from around the world including:
- Sheila Forsyth (Canada) - eyewitness of ice storm
- Carlos Perez (Honduras) - eyewitness of Hurrican
- Mitch Speakers: Roger Higman (FOE England, Wales, Northern Ireland)
- Wynand Duyvendak (Milieudefense) - Chair: Ricardo Navarro (FOE International)

Ian Willmore: +44 7887 641344 (Press Officer)
Mieke van Tankeren +31 06 295 93 873 (Press Officer)
Eugene van Haaren +31 06 15 558 055 (Press Officer)



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