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You are here: Home / Media / Archive / 2000 / 25_nov_hot_air


25 november 2000

hot air!

two weeks of talk: us ensures no result

Two weeks ago the President of the Conference Jan Pronk warned the politicians of the public outrage that would result if they left the Hague with no deal to fight climate change. After two weeks of waffle, that is exactly what has happened. Nothing effective has been achieved. Man-made climate change will continue to get worse. People all over the planet will lose lives, homes and jobs as a result.

Who is to blame for this fiasco:
Blame the United States and its supporters in the ironically named "umbrella" group (Canada, Japan, Australia, etc) which has fought tooth and nail to exploit every loophole in the Kyoto Treaty. The group demanded a giant "free gift" of existing forests and farmlands to count towards their Kyoto targets. They wanted unlimited hot air trading with Russia and the Ukraine.

Blame some of the world's largest companies, including Exxon (which still denies that climate change is even happening), Texaco and DuPont. They have tried to exploit the talks to create huge new market in carbon trading, while using the power of their political money to block effective action against climate change in the US Congress. The Senators who came to the Hague to boast that they would do the bidding of these companies have betrayed their electors, and their over-riding duty as politicians for the safety of their citizens and the planet.

At the start of the Conference, Friends of the Earth International built a dike as a symbol of hope for the success of the talks. A sandbag from the dike was taken inside by Minister Pronk to be present throughout the talks. The bag sat silently, while the politicians talked. But in the end, the bag did the better job. COME TO THE LAST DIKE ACTION OF THE CONFERENCE. THE DIKE WAS A SYMBOL OF HOPE FOR THE SUCCESS OF THE TALKS. NOW, IT WILL BECOME A MONUMENT TO ITS FAILURE: Meet 30 minutes after the conclusion of the talks at the front of the Conference Centre.

Commenting, FOEI Vice Chair Tony Juniper said:
"The failure of these talks is a disaster for us all. No words can truly express our anger at what has happened here, or our sadness for the victims of the climate change that is to come. The world will pay the price in tears. We will not forget or forgive those who wrecked these talks, and put our planet in further danger. We will demand that those Governments who back the Kyoto Treaty continue their programmes of action to fight climate change. And we will work to see that those Governments and politicians who betrayed it pay for their behaviour".

CONTACT: Ian Willmore 0044 7887 641344 (FOEI)




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