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4 december 2000

friends of the earth international welcomes early resumption of climate talks

Friends of the Earth International welcomes news that international talks on a global climate treaty are to resume tomorrow (Wednesday) in Ottowa, Canada. Reports [1] say that representatives from the US, Canada and Japan will meet with officials from the EU's executive commission and the governments of France, Sweden, Britain and Germany. The meeting, which is due to last two days, may be followed by a ministerial-level meeting in Oslo next week.

Tony Juniper, Vice Chairman of Friends of the Earth International, said:

"This is welcome news. The credibility of the Kyoto Protocol is at stake. However, it is vital that any agreement reached leads to real

cuts in emissions rather than allowing the US and its allies yet more scope to carry on polluting. The US must enter these new talks prepared to offer significantly more than it did in the Hague. There is little time to waste. Further delay will only risk the lives and livelihoods of many people around the world."

European heads of government meeting in Nice for the EU Intergovernmental Conference this week will also discuss plans to revive last month's failed climate change talks at The Hague.

Friends of the Earth Europe’s Political Co-ordinator Martin Rocholl said:

"The EU must stand firm. The Kyoto Protocol must not be compromised by the inclusion of the kinds of ‘do-nothing’ loopholes which the US were pushing for at The Hague. The environmental integrity of the treaty lies in the reduction of CO2 emissions. Any agreement reached in the coming months must not include unlimited credits for ‘sinks’ - forestry plantations and crop-land management must not become ways to avoid addressing the problem of our reliance on fossil fuels."[2]


1. News report from Reuters (4 Dec 2000)

2. The US, Canada, Australia and Japan push for the inclusion of so-called ‘Carbon sinks’, such as forestry plantations, into the Protocol. The carbon absorbed by sinks would count as credits towards the CO2 reduction targets agreed in Kyoto. Scientists dispute the amount of CO2 absorbed and the permanence of sinks.

For more information contact:

Francis Macguire – Climate Expert – 0044 771 284 3460

Roger Higman – Climate Expert – 0044 771 284 3505

Martin Rocholl – FoEE Political Co-ordinator – 02 542 01 80

Howard Mollett

Friends of the Earth Europe Press and Information

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Brussels, B-1060, Belgium

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Fax: 32 2 537 55 96

Friends of the Earth Europe, the European branch of Friends of the Earth International (FoEI), is a network of 31 independent, national environmental organisations in 30 European countries.

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