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canada where is your minister?

biosafety protocol, montreal

Friends of the Earth, the world’s largest network of environmental groups, has served notice to the Canadian Government that Environment Minister, David Anderson’s presence is urgently requested for the Biosafety Protocol negotiations in Montreal.

FOE has posted "Missing Persons" posters throughout Montreal in an attempt to find the illusive Canadian Minister. Despite rumours of mislaid invitations, some thirty-six ministers from around the world will find their way to Montreal, but where oh where is Canada’s Minister?

FOE Campaign’s Director Liana Stupples said:

"These talks should be a turning point for humankind. It is no longer acceptable to allow free trade to be put before the environment and human welfare. We not only need a Protocol but a tough one that protects the world’s wildlife and allows Governments to stop GMOs if there is uncertainty over their safety."

Canada, as part of the Miami Group negotiating party (as well as the US, Australia, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina) was instrumental in the collapse of the last talks in February 1999. FOE calls on Canada to redeem its tattered environmental reputation. " What we need ," says Beatrice Olivastri, FOE Canada CEO, " is a green knight on a charger jousting against the forces of darkness– in this case, greed and stupidity seeking to protect corporate profits over human health and biodiversity ."

Friends of the Earth is the world’s largest network of environmental groups. They campaign in over 64 countries covering all negotiation parties at the Protocol. Campaigners are available in Montreal for comment and briefings in English, French and Spanish.

For press briefings, background information and media stories call:

FOE International Adrian Bebb: 514 239 4276

FOE Canada Kathleen Kelso: 613 241 0085 Ext’n 0



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