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press releases 2000

18 december 2000
climate talks fail yet again

15 december 2000
eu releases report on cyanide disaster

7 december 2000
ebrd shifts mission: european bank for radiation development founded today

5 december 2000
campaigners say no, non and nein to expanding eu power on trade negotiations

4 december 2000
foei welcomes early resumption of climate talks

1 december 2000
towards sustainable economies: challenging neoliberal economic globalisation

1 december 2000
deadlock in the wto, deadlock on climate change: foei proposes sustainable economies solution

30 november 2000
seattle+1 : le resau international des amis de la terre publie un texte de propositions sur la mondialisation

30 november 2000
one year after seattle, world wide citizen action against new trade round continues

25 november 2000
hot air! two weeks of talk: united states ensures no result french, spanish

25 november 2000
kyoto climate treaty ends in shame

24 november 2000
six reasons why the deal is junk

23 november 2000
pronk's proposal threatens point of koyoto protocol

23 november 2000
insurance firm issues global warning

23 november 2000
us wrecking talks with $1 a carbon tonne plan

20 november 2000
dike now symbol of hope at climate talks, but what's the price of a deal

20 november 2000
forest activists fear tree plantations scam

20 november 2000
foei's speech to the climate summit delegates

18 november 2000
environmental groups call for keeping nuclear power out of kyoto protocol

18 november 2000
memo to world bank: get your ass out of oil, mining and gas!

18 november 2000
thousands at hague climate change talks! dike built around world leaders!

16 november 2000
costa rica se convierte en ejemplo a nivel mundial al declararse país libre de exploración y explotación petrolera 

15 november 2000
hague talks: as politicians waffle on, stick your finger in the dike! 

15 november 2000
u'wa indians sing to save climate

14 november 2000
foei bring thousands to dike action at the hague 

13 november 2000
foei will be present throughout the hague talks 

3 november 2000
scientists slam gm research: key industry study unfit for publication.

30 october 2000
public groups oppose investment in ukrainian nuclear reactors

17 october 2000
how safe is 'safe enough'? chernobyl reactors in the eu?

12 october 2000
new food scandal rocks the usa: safeway brand contains illegal gm maize.

05 october 2000
foei ‘save the climate treaty’ action day

26 september 2000
environmental and debt reduction groups denounce violence in prague today, call for dialogue

25 september 2000
international environmental group calls on world bank to stop funding oil, gas, and mining projects

18 september 2000
friends of the earth calls for ban on last use of cfcs in canada (also in french)

14 september 2000
"it's the climate, stupid!", oil companies' role in price protests under attack

11 september 2000
climate change: the victims bear witness

09 september 2000
ngo angered by imf stonewalling

07 september 2000
un millennium summit: citizens launch new campaign on the world trade organisation

13 july 2000
three held after protests against imf forcibly dislodged in ecuador

10 july 2000

13 june 2000
kyoto climate treaty heading for the rocks,
environmental groups issue global warning

21 april 2000
foe celebrates earth day 2000

10 april 2000
200 groups call on world bank to phase out destructive oil, mining and gas projects 

18 april 2000
foe activists receive goldman prize

07 march 2000
europe says "non", "nein", "no" to gmo pollution

16 february 2000
lessons from european cyanide disaster

29 january 2000
biosafety protocol agreed

28 january 2000
briefing: the chairman's non-paper

28 january 2000
canada where is your minister? biosafety protocol, montreal

27 january  2000
battle commences in world gmo safety talks

27 january 2000
after collapsed wto talks, citizens insist on transparency and accountability in davos

26 january 2000
biosafety - the choice is yours

26 january 2000
food for thought - politicians tuck into gmo feast

25 january 2000
miami group condemned in montreal

25 january 2000
eu does dirty deeds in montreal

23 january 2000
briefing: biosafety protocol update

21 january 2000
environment first, trade second: un biosafety talks in montreal

press briefing:
fight for the right to say "no" to gmos!

10 january 2000
un biosafety talks: the fight for the right to say no to gmos


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