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You are here: Home / Media / Archive / 2001 / climate


climate change
press releases 2001

11 november 2001
umbrella folds - sun creeps up on marrakech climate deal

9 november 2001
umbrella group must fold - kyoto protocol at stake

7 november 2001
un climate talks show progress

5 november 2001
eu ministers should stand firm

1 november 2001
is the protocol loosing its teeth?

31 october 2001
forest activists announce nominations for third treetanic award

30 october 2001
un conference on climate change

25 july 2001
kyoto deal is done

23 july 2001
kyoto still afloat
but It's taken on water

22 july 2001
hope of kyoto deal

20 july 2001
build the boat

20 july 2001
progress of negotiations

20 july 2001
genoa bonn trade-off

19 july 2001
progress of negotiations

19 july 2001
treetanic awards for trying to sink Kyoto

18 july 2001
progress of negotiations

18 july 2001
corporate lobbyists hit the climate talks

17 july 2001
no change: japan still the 'deal-breakers'?

17 july 2001
Kyoto deal will melt WTO chill effect

17 july 2001
the friends are here - come and see the lifeboat!

16 july 2001
koizumi jeopardises progress at un climate talks

3 july 2001
japanese premier ignores world's outcry and risks global environment

2 july 2001
climate treaty still under threat

2 july 2001
japan won't sign climate treaty without bush - foe calls on blair to help save protocol

26 june 2001
eu ministers discuss next steps for saving climate treaty

18 june 2001
exxonmobil (esso) international day of action: 11th of july

16 june 2001
kyoto - bush increasingly isolated: eu pressing ahead with kyoto

14 june 2001
foe slams selfish bush over climate change

8 june 2001
eu to ratify kyoto without united states?

6 june 2001
foe slams us over voluntary measures to tackle climate change

30 may 2001
letter to us senator jeffords: hope against
bush's hardline on environment

18 may 2001
lifeboat to rescue the world climate treaty

9 may 2001
shell pulls out of pakistan national park

25 april 2001
friends of the earth to challenge oil giant in karachi court

19 april 2001
lifesavers for bush: friends of the earth netherlands calls on us to stick to its climate promises

12 april 2001
world tells bush: “wake up to climate change” 100,000+ e-protests to white house

5 april 2001 :
thousands flood white house e-protest gives bush a taste of climate change

28 march 2001
world faces climate disaster as bush rats on kyoto treaty

23 march 2001
survival of the kyoto protocol depends on europe's politicians & parliamentarians

19 march 2001
world bank replies petition on regional pipeline

14 march 2001
bush deals blow to climate change deal

5 march 2001
we can tackle climate change, says un

1 march 2001
g8 environment ministers meet in trieste: foe highlight the failed g8 policy on nuclear power plants in eastern europe

19 february 2001
rich countries must cut fossil fuels: un issues warning.

28 january 2001
what kofi annan isn't telling you!

26 january 2001
united states calls for climate talks delay

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