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press releases 2001

17 december 2001
u.s. and biotech corporations impose genetically modified organisms worldwide under wto threats

4 december 2001
another one bites the dust: oecd negotiations break down again

28 november 2001
leaked documents show oecd export credit group fails to meet environmental demands of its own ministers, g-8 leaders

28 november 2001
wild maize contaminated with gmos

23 november 2001
time to green the european bank

14 november 2001
new trade round shrinks - sustainable development still under threat by future wto talks

13 november 2001
draft declaration trades away the environment

11 november 2001
doha must address sustainable development

11 november 2001
umbrella folds - sun creeps up on marrakech climate deal

10 november 2001
friends of the earth international dubs wto 4th ministerial 'sale of the century'

10 november 2001
of empty promises and money in the ministerial conference

9 november 2001
umbrella group must fold - kyoto protocol at stake

8 november 2001
protecting the environment is a prerequisite for peace

7 november 2001
un climate talks show progress

6 november 2001

wto tells civil society: come to sunny qatar

5 november 2001
eu ministers should stand firm

1 november 2001
is the protocol losing its teeth?

1 november 2001
our world is not for sale: wto campaigners launch events across the world

31 october 2001
forest activists announce nominations for third treetanic award

30 october 2001
un conference on climate change

30 october 2001
developing countries and civil society groups stunned by wto draft declaration

29 october 2001
friends of the earth protests world bank financing of oil, mining and gas projects

19 october 2001
wto: don't retreat behind closed doors!

16 october 2001
international environmentalist delegation tours el salvador to assess human triggered disasters, promote solutions

6 october 2001
outrage as premier oil benefits from weakened pakistan wildlife laws

28 september 2001
liability for gmo contamination needed now to ensure biosafety

25 september 2001
earth summit - still stuck at rio?

24 september 2001
governments trade away earth summit?

4 september 2001
foe challenges premier oil in karachi court

31 august 2001
opposition grows to new round of wto talks

14 august 2001
"stop threatening to overturn other nations food safety laws", 200 groups worldwide tell president bush

25 july 2001
kyoto deal is done

25 july 2001
unauthorised and unlabelled genetically engineered soya product found on polish market

23 july 2001
kyoto still afloat
but it's taken on water

22 july 2001
hope of kyoto deal

20 july 2001
build the boat

20 july 2001
progress of negotiations

20 july 2001
genoa bonn trade-off

19 july 2001
progress of negotiations

19 july 2001
treetanic awards for trying to sink kyoto

18 july 2001
progress of negotiations

18 july 2001
corporate lobbyists hit the climate talks

17 july 2001
no change: japan still the 'deal-breakers'?

17 july 2001
kyoto deal will melt wto chill effect

17 july 2001
the friends are here - come and see the lifeboat!

16 july 2001
koizumi jeopardises progress at un climate talks

3 july 2001
japanese premier ignores world's outcry and risks global environment

2 july 2001
climate treaty still under threat

2 july 2001
japan won't sign climate treaty without bush - foe calls on blair to help save protocol

26 june 2001
eu ministers discuss next steps for saving climate treaty

21 june 2001
african and european organisations demand suspension of chad cameroon oil and pipeline project

18 june 2001
exxonmobil (esso) international day of action: 11th of july

16 june 2001
bush increasingly isolated: eu pressing ahead with kyoto

16 june 2001
no vision, no targets, no timetables: eu leaders fail to deliver on sustainable development strategy

14 june 2001
foe slams selfish bush over climate change

14 june 2001
eu summit: civil society calls on eu to withdraw new wto round proposal

8 june 2001
eu to ratify kyoto without united states?

6 june 2001
foe slams us over voluntary measures to tackle climate change

30 may 2001
letter to us senator jeffords: hope against
bush's hardline on environment

29 may 2001
gothenburg: the next big protest?

24 may 2001
cee bankwatch network and friends of the earth expose un-transparency and hypcrisy in imf procedures

22 may 2001
help save ecuador's last remaining amazon jungles

18 may 2001
lifeboat to rescue the world climate treaty

14 may 2001
ngos give out "2001 hypocrisy awards" at oecd forum

9 may 2001
shell pulls out of pakistan national park

25 april 2001
friends of the earth to challenge oil giant in karachi court

20 april 2001
european bank for reconstruction and development: ten years of misinformation, secrecy and missed opportunities

19 april 2001
lifesavers for bush: friends of the earth netherlands calls on us to stick to its climate promises

12 april 2001
world tells bush: “wake up to climate change” 100,000+ e-protests to white house

5 april 2001 :
thousands flood white house: e-protest gives bush a taste of climate change

4 april 2001
stop contaminated corn exports more than 100 groups worldwide say to bush

28 march 2001
world faces climate disaster as bush rats on kyoto treaty

26 march 2001
leaked eu commission paper asking council to give additional two billion for nuclear power plants

23 march 2001
survival of the kyoto protocol depends on europe's politicians & parliamentarians

22 march 2001
world water day: stop the gats attack on water

19 march 2001
ngos campaign at geneva gats negotiations

19 march 2001
world bank replies to petition on regional pipeline

14 march 2001
bush deals blow to climate change deal

5 march 2001
we can tackle climate change, says un

1 march 2001
g8 environment ministers meet in trieste

19 february 2001
rich countries must cut fossil fuels: un issues warning.

8 february 2001
world bank support for gateway project: the beginning of the end for a holy river
proposed world heritage site, holy to millions, threatened by industrial development

1 february 2001
protestors occupy imf offices in quito, ecuador

30 january 2001
the public eye on davos hailed as great success

29 january 2001
business "fat cats" highlight failures of davos world economic forum

29 january 2001
action at the agriculture council

28 january 2001
what kofi annan isn't telling you!

26 january 2001
davos forum's environmental sustainability index "deeply flawed"

26 january 2001
united states calls for climate talks delay

26 january 2001
friends of the earth joins march for life in porto alegre

26 january 2001
swiss start deporting davos speakers

25 january 2001
campaigners tell business leaders to halt global economic experiment "before it's too late"

25 january 2001
davos privatized as public access to town denied

24 january 2001
wto to hold next ministerial in qatar

24 january 2001
nuevo fantasma amenaza la supervivencia de los ecosistemas de las islas galapagos

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