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FOOD ACT No. 26 OF 1980

REGULATIONS made by the Minister of Health in consultation with the Food Advisory Committee under section 32 of the Food Act No.26 of 1980 as amended by Food (Amendment) Act No.20 of 1991.

Minister of Health

...June 2001

  1. These regulations may be cited as the Provisional Food (Genetically Modified
    Foods) Regulations - 2001 and shall come; into operation on September 1, 2001.

  2. With effect from the date of operation of these regulations and subject to provisions of the Act, no person shall import, manufacture for commercial purposes, transport, store, distribute, sell or offer for sale any food, raw or processed or any ingredient of food or food additive that has been subjected to any genetic modification using DNA recombinant technology or any food that contains one or more ingredient or additive that has been subjected to genetic modification.

  3. No person shall import any food listed in schedule I of these regulations without a certificate from an accredited laboratory or competent Government Authority or any other document acceptable to the Food Advisory Committee established under the Food Act No. 26 of 1980 certifying that the food product does not contain any material or ingredient that has been subjected to genetic modification

  4. The Food (Genetically Modified Foods;) Regulations-2001 published in the Government Gazette Extraordinary No. 1178/ 18 dated April 06, 2001 is hereby repealed


  1. Soya Beans whole
  2. Soya Flour
  3. Defatted Soya Flour
  4. Soya Nuggets / Textured Vegetable Proteins (TVP)
  5. Soya Milk
  6. Soy Sauce
  7. Other products that contain soya bean or its derivatives as one of their ingredients
  8. Corn/Maize
  9. Corn Flour/Maize Flour
  10. other corn/maize biased products
  11. Tomato - fresh
  12. Tomato puree
  13. Tomato paste
  14. Tomato ketchup
  15. Tomato sauce
  16. Other tomato based food products
  17. Cheese
  18. Potatoes and products containing potatoes
  19. Bakers yeast and brewers yeast
  20. Beet sugar
  21. Microbiological starter cultures used in foods
"Act"- means the Food Act No.26 of 1980 as amended by the Food (Amendment) Act No.20 of 1991.

"Genetically Modified or Genetically Engineered Food" - means food that contains or was produced with a genetically engineered material.

"Genetically Engineered Material" - means materials derived from any part of a genetically engineered organism, without regard to whether the altered molecular or cellular characteristics of the organism are detectable in the material.

"Genetically Engineered Organism"
- means

  1. An organism that has been altered. at the molecular or cellular level by means that are not possible under natural conditions or processes (including, but not limited to, recombinant DNA and RNA techniques, cell fusion, microencapsulation, gene deletion and doubling, introducing a foreign gene and changing the position of genes), other than a means consisting exclusively of breeding, conjugation, fermentation; hybridization, in vitro fertilization or tissue culture, and

  2. An organism made through sexual or asexual reproduction (or both) involving an organism described in (a), if processing any of the altered molecular or cellular characteristics of the organism so described.

"Genetically Engineered Food Additive" - means a genetic construct, its protein or expression product, vector, promoter or marker system that are used or created individually or together as a result of a genetically engineered food

"Competent Authority" - means the Department or organization of the exporting country vested with authority to monitor and control national food safety activities.



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