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trade press releases 2001

14 november 2001
new trade round shrinks - sustainable development still under threat by future wto talks

13 november 2001
draft declaration trades away the environment

12 november 2001
friends of the earth europe - eu plans to dump the environment

11 november 2001
doha must address sustainable development

10 november 2001
friends of the earth international dubs wto 4th ministerial 'sale of the century'

10 november 2001
of empty promises and money in the ministerial conference

6 november 2001
wto tells civil society: come to sunny qatar

1 november 2001
our world is not for sale: wto campaigners launch events across the world

30 october 2001
developing countries and civil society groups stunned by wto draft declaration

19 october 2001
wto: don't retreat behind closed doors!

31 august 2001
opposition grows to new round of wto talks



14 june 2001
eu summit: civil society calls on eu to withdraw new wto round proposal

22 march 2001
world water day: stop the gats attack on water

19 march 2001
ngos campaign at geneva gats negotiations

30 january 2001
the public eye on davos hailed as great success: organizers consider legal action over protest crackdown

29 january 2001
business "fat cats" highlight failures of davos world economic forum

26 january 2001
friends of the earth joins march for life in porto alegre

26 january 2001
davos forum's environmental sustainability index "deeply flawed"

26 january 2001
swiss start deporting davos speakers

25 january 2001
campaigners tell business leaders to halt global economic experiment "before it's too late"

25 january 2001
davos privatized as public access to town denied

24 january 2001
wto to hold next ministerial in qatar

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