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press releases 2002

  3 december 2002
friends of the earth netherlands confronts company with chainsaw
akzo linked tropical rainforest destruction plans
19 november 2002
'prestige' oil tanker sinking today:
make oil companies liable for damage, says friends of the earth
13 november 2002
friends of the earth international challenges un governments
"don´t let big business rule the world" summit wasted - the time for action is now
11 november 2002
shell oil victims to seek talks with top company officials, release new book exposing abuses around the globe
4 september 2002
us wrecks earth summit
2 september 2002
shell accepts greenwash lifetime achievement award
26 august 2002
undemocratic, ineffective and weak - uk pushes voluntary
approach at the earth summit
23 august 2002
oil majors shell, bp and exxonmobil dominated today’s world summit greenwash academy awards
22 august 2002
oil majors, biotech giants lead greenwash academy award nominees south african companies: don't count us out
21 august 2002
green oscars to be awarded to leading greenwash corporations
3 july 2002
one week after worldcom: europe bows to big business
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