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press releases 2002

  10 december 2002
environment ministers tighten rules for traceability of gmo’s
25 november 2002
colonic cancer genes used to engineer new crop plants by speeding up evolution
us biotech industry out of control
15 november 2002
mysterious “pharmeceutical” gm crop goes wrong in the us
14 october 2002
uk wildlife watchdogs slam plans for european law on genetically modified seeds
9 october 2002
european union urged to save food from genetic contamination
3 october 2002
the polluter does not pay - foe slams proposed european environmental liability laws
3 october 2002
mass trolley parade against genetic pollution
eu urged to stand up for european consumers
photo oppurtunity
1 october 2002
trade war looms as europe rejects us complaints on gm labelling
19 september 2002
save our food from genetic pollution! join the international trolley parade!

16 september 2002
eu should target us genetically modified food and energy intensive products in trade dispute

4 september 2002
us wrecks earth summit
3 september 2002
friends of the earth groups in developing countries set bush administration straight on genetically engineered food aid
22 august 2002
gm food aid: eu urged not to do america's dirty work
21 august 2002
greenwashing genetic engineering at the wssd
ge crops are not a tool for sustainable agriculture
17 july 2002
new research questions gm food safety
11 july 2002
new us report sounds alarm about crops genetically engineered with drugs and chemicals
3 july 2002
euro mps back gmo food labels
13 june 2002
gmos are not the solution to hunger
10 june 2002
illegal gmos found in food aid sent to developing countries
3 june 2002
will genetically modified food be labelled in the eu?(foe europe press briefing)
4 june 2002
ep's environment committee votes for labelling of gmos
30 april 2002
key scientist admits safety research on gm maize is flawed
17 april 2002
immediate action to protect biodiversity from gmo contamination demanded during cop6 meeting
23 january 2002
agricultural biotechnology - american famrers warn europe not to adopt
16 january 2002
us steps up the pressure on eu gmo legislation






















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