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You are here: Home / Media / Archive / 2002 / ifi


ifi press releases 2002

17 december 2002
burma: premier oil leaving, ihc caland pressured to follow

16 december 2002
controversial bp pipeline delayed — campaigners insist human rights and environment must be considered first

4 december 2002
eib's new information policy fails to live up to expectations

7 november 2002
the eib finances, the environment pays the price

11 october 2002
world bank rejects romanian gold mine

25 september 2002
biggest private investment in sub-sahara africa under scrutiny:
cameroonian communities affected by oil pipeline file claim with world bank inspection panel

12 august 2002
old wine in a new bottle - the eib's new environmental structure

25 june 2002
bp should not get "free public money" to build controversial
pipeline, say international ngos

4 june 2002
no reform - no money!
ngoss urge reform of european investment bank prior to new capital increase

4 june 2002
peruvian farmers vote against gold mine

16 may 2002
oecd deliberately ignores its commitment to environmental reform of export credits

26 march 2002
a sound investment? eib funding for enron

28 february 2002
more instead of better: ngos concerned about european investment bank expansion without reform

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