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You are here: Home / Media / Archive / 2002


17 december 2002
burma: premier oil leaving, ihc caland pressured to follow
17 december 2002
climate change fears confirmed as 2002 is the second warmest year on record
16 december 2002
controversial bp pipeline delayed — campaigners insist human rights and environment must be considered first
10 december 2002
canada set to ratify kyoto protocol
bush administration surrounded within nafta
10 december 2002
environment ministers tighten rules for traceability of gmo’s
4 december 2002
eib's new information policy fails to live up to expectations
3 december 2002
friends of the earth netherlands confronts company with chainsaw
akzo linked tropical rainforest destruction plans
25 november 2002
united states pull out of negotiations on pollution treaty; canada decides to stay
25 november 2002
colonic cancer genes used to engineer new crop plants by speeding up evolution
us biotech industry out of control
21 november 2002
public right-to-know undermined in new pollution treaty
19 november 2002
'prestige' oil tanker sinking today:
make oil companies liable for damage, says friends of the earth
15 november 2002
mysterious “pharmeceutical” gm crop goes wrong in the us
14 november 2002
150 civil society groups denounce sydney wto mini-ministerial as illegitimate and anti-democratic
13 november 2002
friends of the earth international challenges un governments
"don´t let big business rule the world" summit wasted - the time for action is now
11 november 2002
wto trade talks: call on eu to preserve global environmental agreements from trade rules
11 november 2002
shell oil victims to seek talks with top company officials, release new book exposing abuses around the globe
7 november 2002
the eib finances, the environment pays the price
1 november 2002
ftaa - central america is not for sale!
alca - américa central no está en venta!
31 october 2002
military repression against popular movement leaders fighting against the privatization of water, health, and education services
30 october 2002
cop 8 - progress of negotiations
media update
26 october 2002
urgent action needed to address climate, says rally
25 october 2002
foe slovakia and cee bankwatch network call on eu members to prevent unnecessary misuse of eu funds
24 october 2002
bp’s new caspian pipeline: fit for public funding? company to facetough questions over new pipeline
21 oktober 2002
un climate talks in delhi(cop8)
18 october 2002
111 actions in 12 european countries
food and farming: time to choose!
17 october 2002
commission leaves gm moratorium decision to member states
14 october 2002
uk wildlife watchdogs slam plans for european law on genetically modified seeds
11 october 2002
world bank rejects romanian gold mine
10 october 2002
euratom loan facility should be abandoned says new report
9 october 2002
european union urged to save food from genetic contamination
3 october 2002
the polluter does not pay - foe slams proposed european environmental liability laws
3 october 2002
mass trolley parade against genetic pollution
eu urged to stand up for european consumers,
photo oppurtunity

1 october 2002
trade war looms as europe rejects us complaints on gm labelling

25 september 2002
biggest private investment in sub-sahara africa under scrutiny:
cameroonian communities affected by oil pipeline file claim with world bank inspection panel
24 september 2002
friends of the earth demands world bank withdrawal from destructive projects and corporate welfare at upcoming annual meetings
19 september 2002
save our food from genetic pollution! join the international trolley parade!
come to brussels on wednesday, 9th october 2002
16 september 2002
eu should target us genetically modified food and energy intensive products in trade dispute
13 september 2002
from brussels to cancun: european civil society groups launch campaign on global trade and investment talks
6 september 2002
environmentalists did not jeer powell over zimbabwe comments
4 september 2002
sasolburg community raises concerns around sasol's pollution with scotland's first minister
4 september 2002
political declaration + h20 = hot air
4 september 2002
us holds out to the bitter end
4 september 2002
us wrecks earth summit
4 september 2002
earth summit wrap up:
governments miss historic opportunity
3 september 2002
friends of the earth groups in developing countries set bush administration straight on genetically engineered food aid
3 september 2002
but see you all in mexico!
3 september 2002
kyoto lives - bush foiled again
3 september 2002
us plots to undermine key summit outcome
(or how to sabotage a summit, part 2)
2 september 2002
earth summit dumps on climate
2 september 2002
shell accepts greenwash lifetime achievement award
2 september 2002
earth summit dumps on climate
2 september 2002
wssd end of term report
not satisfactory: must do better
1 september 2002
“art action” voices need for binding corporate accountability
31 august 2002
earth summit threatens to turn into trade summit:
thousands demonstrate in amsterdam
johannesburg media invite and interview opportunity
a friends of the earth international event with valli moosa, s.a. environment minister
30 august 2002
progress of negotiations
media advisory
30 august 2002
corporate lobbyists exposed for history’s greatest greenwash
30 august 2002
whose voices are missing at the earth summit?
photo opportunity:
sunday 1st sept
30 august 2002
oil companies colonise turkey
corporate accountability – not!
29 august 2002
enron style rules u.s. policies
e.u. to follow?

28 august 2002
earth summit: progress of nations

28 august 2002
eu loses earth summit leadership role
27 august 2002
global warming victims sue the united states for illegally funding fossil fuel projects
27 august 2002
new plan for sustainable economies
26 august 2002
earth summit or trade fair?
26 august 2002
richest nations try to trade away earth summit
26 august 2002
undemocratic, ineffective and weak - uk pushes voluntary approach at the earth summit
25 august 2002
free trade takeover of the earth summit:united states and european union bullying revealed on first day of talks
23 august 2002
oil majors shell, bp and exxonmobil dominated today’s world summit greenwash academy awards

22 august 2002
oil majors, biotech giants lead greenwash academy award nominees south african companies: don't count us out

22 august 2002
gm food aid: eu urged not to do america's dirty work
21 august 2002
greenwashing genetic engineering at the wssd
ge crops are not a tool for sustainable agriculture
21 august 2002
green oscars to be awarded to leading greenwash corporations

16 august 2002
spotlight on corporates reveals need for global rules
foei publishes new report

16 august 2002
press announcement from groundwork

15 august 2002
how to sabotage a summit:
exxon and republican lobbyists work to stop johannesburg progress

12 august 2002
old wine in a new bottle - the eib's new environmental structure


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