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trade press releases 2002

  14 november 2002
150 civil society groups denounce sydney wto mini-ministerial as illegitimate and anti-democratic
11 november 2002
wto trade talks: call on eu to preserve global environmental agreements from trade rules
16 september 2002
eu should target us genetically modified food and energy intensive products in trade dispute  
13 september 2002
from brussels to cancun:
european civil society groups launch campaign on global trade and investment talks
16 april 2002
leaked eu requests on service liberalisation in the wto reveal threats for people, the environment and democracy
16 april 2002
european commission proposals to open up service markets around the world leaked
5 february 2002
did they listen? will they learn? the ball is now in corporations’ court, says foei
4 february 2002
wef sustainability under fire
1 february 2002
direct challenge to corporations from inside the wef - press conference
31 january 2002
direct challenge to corporations from inside the wef: visibility event and press conference
30 january 2002
public eye on davos
challenges the world economic forum
29 january 2002
environmental, human rights, labor, religious groups issue challenge to corporate leaders at world economic forum
28 january 2002
public eye on davos
business shares waldorf salad with world leaders - will they eat their greens?
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