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  15 december 2003
wto geneva meeting: no deal better than a bad deal
12 december 2003
kyoto agreement on climate change moves forward;stage set for russian ratification
11 december 2003
plantar's directors threaten massive lay-offs in brazil if critics to the project are not muzzled.
9 december 2003
kyoto agreement on climate change gets nearer
8 december 2003
world bank’s dirty mining revealed in new report
26 november 2003
'world bank pull out of oil and coal' now official advice
25 november 2003
gm crops lead to more pesticide use
10 november 2003
protests follow assassination of ecuadorian rights defender
5 november 2003
us toxic ghost fleet: uk environment agency in court
31 october 2003
uk environment agency backs down over ghost fleet
24 october 2003
oil pollution victims short-changed again?
23 october 2003
european investment bank vision for dirty energy
22 october 2003
real world radio on the air again
16 october 2003
genetically modified crops damage wildlife
14 october 2003
caspian project breaks world bank rules on 173 counts
14 october 2003
new research highlights dangers of modified crops
11 october 2003
walhi demands a halt to freeport mine operations
9 october 2003
banks and exxon celebrate chad-cameroon pipeline -international organisations support chadian day of mourning
6 october 2003
shell summoned to replace old pipelines following more spills at south africa refinery
3 october 2003
scottish charity wins the guardian charity awards 2003
19 september 2003
ngos predict increased conflict around risky world bank projects
18 september 2003
declaration of international conference of environmental & human rights, cartagena
16 september 2003
persecuted peruvian farmers oppose meeting of ministers with mining giants
15 september 2003
wto talks collapse in cancun
13 september 2003
europe and u.s. push developing countries to edge of cliff
  13 september 2003
global forest coalition -
for forests wto stands for “world terror order”
12 september 2003
negotiations update from the world trade organisation
11 september 2003
public bite back in gmo trade war
11 september 2003
on the death of south korean farmer, lee kyung-hae and the wto's negotiations on agriculture
11 september 2003
u.s.-europe gm trade war: wto and u.s. challenged to listen to the public
10 september 2003
inter-american development bank blasted for backing risky camisea project in peru
10 september 2003
all "seattle ingredients" present in cancun
9 september 2003
world trade organisation is trading away the environment
5 september 2003
russians face storm of protest over climate treaty ratification
4 september 2003
hollywood stars rally for the rainforest
4 september 2003
wto rules set to devastate biodiversity
1 september 2003
world trade organization policies trigger desertification
1 september 2003
new radio launched to 'break' the mainstream media reporting on the wto

28 august 2003
us agency rejects financing for destructive gas project in peru's amazon
27 august 2003
international conference on environmental rights and human rights
27 august 2003
wto cancun september meeting
22 August 2003
business rules in the wto: who pays the price?
20 august 2003
png landowners say: enough is enough
18 july 2003
eib pulp plans are no fiction
17 july 2003
eib not fit to invest in - says dutch bank
14 july 2003
wto. complaint goes to e.u. ombudsman
14 july 2003
indonesian government must say no to mining in protected areas
3 july 2003
protests against mining giants and indonesian government

30 june 2003
asian development bank – a partner for poverty reduction in papua new guinea?

30 june 2003
environmental groups call on e.i.b. not to fund iceland dam project
28 june 2003
floodgates open on failed asian development bank projects
24 june 2003
protesters pressurize putin to ratify climate treaty
23 june 2003
superweed setback for genetically modified crops
23 june 2003
the threat of regional action – how to improve maritime safety and environmental protection in the north and baltic seas
20 june 200 3
environment ministers and the european commission must stop violations of helsinki convention at oil extraction project in the baltic sea
20 june 2003
u.s. secretary of agriculture told to stop using hunger to promote genetically modified crops
18 june 2003
transatlantic trade war: us-led coalition starts to crumble as europe stands firm
13 june 2003
u.n. treaty regulating biotech crops to become law
12 june 2003
wto director’s invitation declined and ‘business advisory body’ blasted
5 june 2003
global call for moratorium on controversial bp pipeline environment, rights groups in 29 countries lobby world bank and governments
3 june 2003
media advisory: g8: a triumph for corporations
3 june 2003
ngos call on the european investment bank’s governors for substantial changes in information policy.
2 june 2003
media advisory: g8 declaration on multinationals puts bad business first

28 may 2003
g8: evian water plans undrinkable

28 may 2003
media advisory:g8 countries failing to halt corporate bad practices, ‘corporate g8’ briefing shows

28 may 2003
egypt withdraws from wto gm complaint

23 may 2003
gm food: u.s. is ‘playing with hunger’
in russian
16 may 2003
g8 drops plan for business standards, fails developing nations

13 may 2003
moment of truth over genetically modified organisms (gmos): united states to file wto complaint

9 may 2003
prestige compensation a "grim joke"
29 april 2003
groups file claim against bp and pipeline partners in 5 countries: "green" company violating international norms in controversial caspian oil pipeline
6 may 2003
floods in santa fe the largest environmental catastrophe in the history of argentina
24 april 2003
leaked documents reveal g8 dispute over oil and big business liability
24 April 2003
not above my head, not with my money! ngos ask e.u.not to finance sofia airport
23 april 2003
shell challenged by community activist shareholders at its agm
23 april 2003
world bank and newmont corporation ignore human health impacts of mercury spill
14 april 2003
“green nobel prizes” to go to three individuals nominated by friends of the earth
3 april 2003
ngos decry human rights crisis at three gorges project as reservoir starts filling
25 march 2003
"We are fighting for our future, not for oil"
25 march 2003
no public money for new oil
uk taxpayers fund destruction and fuel future conflict
24 march 2003
inter-american development bank president iglesias admits serious flaws in camisea gas project: still no commitment to loan
21 march 2003
international groups to ask president of inter-american development bank to reject financing for camisea gas project in peru: stop environmental destruction
19 march 2003
foe ewni briefing paper about the general environmental implications of the war in iraq
17 march 2003
biodiversity convention urged to address impacts of globalization
13 march 2003
ngo's call on banks not to fund large dam and smelter project in iceland

12 march 2003
bankwatch: baku-ceyhan pipeline in turkey poorly planned

10 march 2003
new report shows negative impacts, threats of water privatization

5 march 2003
bankwatch again questions proposed e.b.r.d. funding for aluminium plant in czech republic report: toxic threat ignored

5 march 2003
friends of the earth slams e.u. plans for growing gm crops


3 march 2003
one hundred civil society groups say “abolish euratom!”
3 march 2003
new report shows negative impacts, threats of water privatization
3 march 2003
co-existence of gmos and non gm agriculture : the e.u. commission dodges its responsibility
27 february 2003
e.u. constitution will lose public support if it forgets the environment
25 february 2003
are our services safe?
24 february 2003
north + south civil society statement on w.t.o. agreement on agriculture talks
7 february 2003
harris superquarry: international call for w.w.f. to end "embarrassing" deal
28 january 2003
public eye on davos takes stock
28 january 2003
porto alegre and davos - the last day
28 january 2003
friends of the earth (england, wales and northern ireland) withdraws from world economic forum
28 january 2003
trust - can corporates and government deliver?

28 january 2003
will the ec vote to destroy a potential nature 2000 site in the czech republic?


27 january 2003
w.e.f. corporations seek immunity for human rights abuses
27 January 2003
farm ministers urged to push for real c.a.p. reform now
27 january 2003
friends of the earth challenges w.e.f. : apologize or face legal action
27 january 2003
massive rally today shows widespread opposition to free trade area of the americas
27 january 2003
b.p. builds mistrust in the caspian region
26 january 2003
is the wef playing host to "secret oil meeting" to carve up the iraqi black gold cake?
24 january 2003
friends of the earth director detained over letter drop at davos
24 january 2003
does big business care?
results of 2002 world economic forum challenge
24 january 2003
transnational corporations, human rights and development
21 january 2003
business breaks promise to clean-up act.
multinationals to share fondue with world leaders at world economic forum In davos
15 january 2003
davos versus porto alegre, round three - foei at the 3rd world social forum
  8 january 2003
friends of the earth netherlands' success - akzo nobel withdraws from controversial project


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