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foei team in cancun

Friends of the Earth member groups from around the world will be in Cancun showing their opposition to the WTO’s free trade agenda. These groups are independent members of the Friends of the Earth Network. FoE groups in Cancun will be involved in a diverse range of actions from protests to lobbying and conferences. A key part of their work will be linking up with other social movements to create sustainable alternatives to corporate globalization.

for a complete list of people attending

All foei people stay in Hotel: Holiday Inn Express - Zona Hotelera
Tel. +52 998 883 2200
Fax +52 998 883 2532

foei spokespeople by subject

important : When calling mobiles from Cancun, you should replace +52 with 044. If you call from Mexico, but not Cancun, you should replace +52 with 01

WTO and globalisation/civil society Ronnie Hall
foe england, wales and n. ireland
tel. +52 9981 204587 or +44-777-4169145  
WTO and corporations Bobby Peek groundwork/foe south africa
tel. +52 9981204558  
WTO and investment/services David Waskow foe usa
tel. +52 998 120 4584  
WTO and agriculture/water Alberto Villareal REDES/foe uruguay
tel +52 998 120 4147  
WTO and biodiversity Simone Lovera foei
tel. +52 9981204476  
WTO and EU, investment/services, MEAs Alexandra Wandel foe europe
tel. +52 9981 204586  
WTO and natural resources TRIPS, new "Singapore" issues Meena Raman foe malaysia
tel. +52 9981204557  
WTO and MEAs Miriam Behrens pro natura/ foe switzerland
tel. +52 9981 204589  
WTO and ecological debt Ricardo Navarro foei chair/
foe costa rica
tel. +52 9981204562  
WTO and gmos Liana Stupples
foe england
  tel +52 9981204564  

foei spokespeople by country/region

Mexico Raul Benet
North America (incl. FTAA and NAFTA) David Waskow
South America (incl. ALCA and FTAA) Alberto Villareal
Central America Manuel López
Europe Alexandra Wandel
Asia Meena Raman

media contacts

Ana Maria Vasquez español tel +52 9981 204581 foe el salvador Spanish press
Damian Osta español, english tel. +52 9981 204582   radio mundo real
Niccolo Sarno english, español tel. +52 9981 204566 foei foei media coordinator
Raul Bennet english, español tel. +52 9981 204583   Mexican consultant
Eugene van Haaren english, dutch tel. +52 9981 204583 foe netherlands Dutch press
Helen Burley english tel. +52 9981204477 foe ewni English press

media contacts (support)

Peep Mardiste   tel. +52 9981204555 foe estonia  
Carmen Amandola   tel +52 9981204561 redes  
Lale Lu   redes radio
Ambika Chawla   tel. +52 9981204480 foe costa rica local press
Marc Engelhardt   tel. +52 9981204560 foe germany  
Hugo Idarrag     cesta/ foe colombia  

Action team

Dulce Carillo Cancun tel. +52 9981 204588.
Damian Sullivan foei/ foe australia tel. +52 9981 204565
Eve Mitchell foe ewni tel. +52 9981 204556
Daniel Mittler BUND/foe germany tel. +52 9981 204475
Frederic Thoma foe europe tel. +52 9981 206196
Kim Choony foe korea tel. +52 9981 206194
Meike Skolnik milieudefensie/foe netherlands tel. +52 9981 204481

lobby team

Anne van Schaik milieudefensie/foe netherlands tel. +52 9981 204478
Ankin Ljungman foe sweden tel. +52 9981 204479
Helene Bank foe norway tel. +52 9981 204483

complete list of foei people attending


Bobby Peek South Africa groundwork
Mensah Todzro Togo foe togo  


Damian Sullivan Australia foe australia
Tokiharu Okasaki Japan foe japan
Meena Raman Malaysia sahabat alam malaysia
Mobideen Abdul Kader Malaysia sahabat alam malaysia
Kim Choony South Korea kfem
Park, Jin Sup South Korea kfem


Hugo Felipe Idarrag Colombia censat agua viva /
Ambika Chawla Costa Rica coecoceiba  
Isaac Rojas Costa Rica coecoceiba  
Manuel Lopez Costa Rica coecoceiba  
Ana Maria Vasquez El Salvador cesta
Jose Acosta El Salvador cesta
Alayda Lainez Honduras movimiento madre tierra  
Bianca Mangas Nicaragua centro humboldt
Julio Sanchez Nicaragua centro humboldt
Alberto Villareal Uruguay redes
Carmen Amendola Uruguay redes
Damian Osta Uruguay redes
David Waskow USA foe usa


Peep Mardiste Estonia estonian green movement
Alexandra Wandel Belgium foe europe
Frederic Thoma Luxembourg foe europe
Daniel Mittler Germany bund
Maja Goepel Germany bund
Marc Engelhardt Germany bund
Anne van Schaik Netherlands milieudefensie www.milieudefensie.n l
Meike Skolnik Netherlands milieudefensie
Bard Lahn Norway foe norway youth
Gina Østmoe Norway foe norway youth
Helene Bank Norway foe norway
Miriam Behrens Switzerland pro natura
Ankin Ljungman Sweden foe sweden www.mjv.sw
Eve Mitchell United Kingdom foe ewni


Tamar Kienan foe middle east

FoE International

Ricardo Navarro El Salvador foei chair
Ronnie Hall United Kingdom campaign coordinator
Raul Benet Mexico contact  
Simone Lovera Netherlands campaign coordinator biodiversity


description of the spokespeople's expertise

Alberto Villareal ( REDES, Uruguay)

FOEI TES Regional Coordinator, Latin America

Alberto has been campaigning on agriculture, biodiversity and TRIPs; NAFTA, FTAA/ALCA, Mercosur, water and GATS and water; and impacts in Latin America for over 15 years. He has been a key member of FOEI’sinternational trade campaign since 1999. He speaks Spanish and English.

Alexandra Wandel (FOE Europe)

FOEI TES Regional Coordinator, Europe

Alexandra is the trade campaigner of FOE Europe based in Brussels coordinating activities of 30 FoEE national member groups. She has been closely monitoring the EU's position at the WTO including at the WTO Ministerial Conferences in Seattle and Doha and specialises in the EU and its support for the ‘new issues’, including investment and competition; multilateral environmental agreements and the threat of WTO rules; and the current US-EU GM trade war. Alexandra will be on the European Commission’s delegation to Cancun; and speaks English and German.

Bobby Peek (Groundwork, South Africa)

Bobby is the Director of Groundwork South Africa, a FOEI member dedicated to environmental justice and development. Bobby is a specialist on the impact of transnational corporations on people and their environment, especially in Africa. He is also an expert on the issue of GM products and food aid to Africa. Bobby has received international recognition for his campaigning work in the South Durban basin around toxic industry and waste issues and has been active in campaigning locally and internationally around the Thor Chemicals debacle. He is a recipient of the prestigious Goldman Foundation award. He speaks English.

Damian Osta (REDES, Uruguay)
Radio Mundo Real

Damian is heading up a key project for Friends of the Earth International and AMARC in Cancún: Radio Mundo Real. For news and views about the Ministerial go to or . Contact Damian to discuss the critical importance of radio as an avenue of communication accessible to all. Damian speaks Spanish.

David Waskow ( foe usa)

FOEI TES regional Coordinator, North America

David has been regional coordinator for North America for three years and is an expert on investment liberalisation its impacts on the environment; services liberalisation and its impacts on the environment; transnationalcorporations; the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAAALCA). David speaks English.

Manuel López
COECOCEIBA-Amigos de la Tierra Costa Rica

Manuel is a specialist on the impacts of free trade in Central America (especially the Plan PueblaPanamá, the Free Trade Agreement between Central America and United States (CAFTA), and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA/ALCA)). He also specialises in investment, privatization and services. He speaks Spanish and English.

Meenakshi Raman ( Sahabat Alam Malaysia, foe malaysia)

FOEI TES Regional Coordinator

Meenakshi has campaigned with Sahabat Alam Malaysia for many years and is an expert on the impacts of trade and investment liberalisation in Asia in general; TRIPs, trade and natural resources; the ‘new issues’, including investment and competition; and the impact of corporations, especially on forest-dwelling and fishing communities. Meenakshi speaks English.

Miriam Behrens ( Pro Natura, foe switzerland)

Miriam is international coordinator with Pro Natura - Friends of the Earth Switzerland with whom she has campaigned for 8 years. She is a specialist on the impact of WTO agreements on theenvironment, specifically on multilateral environmental agreements. Miriam speaks German, English, French and Italian .

Raul Benet
Consultant, Mexico

Until recently Director of Greenpeace Mexico, Raul is an expert on issues pertaining to the impacts of trade and investment liberalisation on environment and communities in Mexico. In addition to speaking on these issues, Raul will be helping to put media in touch with individuals and families in local communities (including through a tour being jointly organised with other members of the Our World Is Not For Sale network on 9th September – contact Raul directly for more information). Raul speaks Spanish and English.

Ricardo Navarro (CESTA, foe El Salvador)

Chair of FOE International

Ricardo specialises in the overall impact of trade, globalisation and corporations on people and their environment, with a particular focus on his home region Central America; and on ecological debt. Ricardo has 25 years environmental campaigning experience and is a recipient of the Goldman Prize and Global 500 Awards. Ricardo speaks Spanish and English.

Ronnie Hall (FOE England, Wales and N Ireland)

FOEI international coordinator on trade

Ronnie has coordinated the FOEI trade programme since its inception in 1992 and coordinated a team of over 40 campaigners from around the globe at the WTO’s3rd Ministerial conference in Seattle. Ronnie is actively involved in the operations of the Our World Is Not For Sale and specialises in particular in the issues of civil society and its opposition to globalisation; and free trade theory and its flaws. Ronnie speaks English.

Simone Lovera (FOEI)

FOEI Biodiversity Project Coordinator

Simone specialises in biodiversity, agriculture and TRIPs; and the impact of trade on multilateral environmental agreements (especially the desertification convention). Simone speaks Spanish, English and Dutch.





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