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press releases 2003

  6 october 2003
shell summoned to replace old pipelines following more spills at south africa refinery
3 june 2003
media advisory: g8: a triumph for corporations

2 june 2003
media advisory: g8 declaration on multinationals puts bad business first

30 may 2003
g8 issued challenge over corporate responsibility
en francais
28 may 2003
media advisory:g8 countries failing to halt corporate bad practices, ‘corporate g8’ briefing shows
16 may 2003
g8 drops plan for business standards, fails developing nations
24 april 2003
leaked documents reveal g8 dispute over oil and big business liability
23 april 2003
world bank and newmont corporation ignore human health impacts of mercury spill
23 april 2003
shell challenged by community activist shareholders at its agm
28 january 2003
public eye on davos takes stock
28 january 2003
trust - can corporates and government deliver?
28 january 2003
friends of the earth (england, wales and northern ireland) withdraws from world economic forum
27 january 2003
friends of the earth challenges wef: apologize or face legal action
27 january 2003
wef corporations seek immunity for human rights abuses
24 january 2003
does big business care?
results of 2002 world economic forum challenge
24 january 2003
friends of the earth director detained over letter drop at davos
24 january 2003
transnational corporations, human rights and development
21 january 2003
business breaks promise to clean-up act.
multinationals to share fondue with world leaders at world economic forum In davos
15 january 2003
davos versus porto alegre, round three - foei at the 3rd world social forum
  8 january 2003
friends of the earth netherlands' success - akzo nobel withdraws from controversial project
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