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ifi press releases 2003

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  8 december 2003
world bank’s dirty mining revealed in new report
26 november 2003
'world bank pull out of oil and coal' now official advice
23 october 2003
european investment bank vision for dirty energy
14 october 2003
caspian project breaks world bank rules on 173 counts
9 october 2003
banks and exxon celebrate chad-cameroon pipeline -international organisations support chadian day of mourning
19 september 2003
ngos predict increased conflict around risky world bank projects
16 september 2003
persecuted peruvian farmers oppose meeting of ministers with mining giants
10 september 2003
inter-american development bank blasted for backing risky camisea project in peru
rainforests, indigenous lives and marine reserves at stake
4 september 2003
hollywood stars rally for the rainforest
28 august 2003
us agency rejects financing for destructive gas project in peru's amazon
20 august 2003
png landowners say: enough is enough
18 july 2003
eib pulp plans are no fiction
17 july 2003
eib not fit to invest in - says dutch bank
30 june 2003
asian development bank – a partner for poverty reduction in papua new guinea?
30 june 2003
environmental groups call on e.i.b. not to fund iceland dam project
28 june 2003
floodgates open on failed asian development bank projects
5 june 2003
global call for moratorium on controversial bp pipeline
3 june 2003
ngos call on the e.i.b.’s governors for substantial changes in information policy
29 april 2003
groups file claim against bp and pipeline partners in 5 countries
24 April 2003
not above my head, not with my money! ngos ask e.u.not to finance sofia airport
23 april 2003
world bank and newmont corporation ignore human health impacts of mercury spill
25 march 2003
"We are fighting for our future, not for oil"
25 march 2003
no public money for new oil
uk taxpayers fund destruction and fuel future conflict
24 march 2003
inter-american development bank president iglesias admits serious flaws in camisea gas project: still no commitment to loan
21 march 2003
international groups to ask president of inter-american development bank to reject financing for camisea gas project in peru: stop environmental destruction
13 march 2003
ngos call on banks not to fund large dam and smelter project in iceland
12 march 2003
bankwatch: baku-ceyhan pipeline in turkey poorly planned
5 march 2003
bankwatch again questions proposed ebrd funding for aluminium plant in czech republic report: toxic threat ignored
27 january 2003
bp builds mistrust in the caspian region









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