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climate change

press releases 2004

18 december 2004
poorest lose out at climate change talks
14 december 2004
litigation warms up climate talks
21 november 2004
world bank inconsistency over african gas pipeline criticized
17 november 2004
legal moves to protect natural world heritage sites from climate change
15 november 2004
australian communities demand a shift from coal dependency
5 november 2004
russia ratifies climate change treaty
22 october 2004
russian parliament approves climate treaty
11 october 2004
climate change fears grow as carbon dioxide levels soar
9 october 2004
australian elections - voters can save great barrier reef from climate change
30 september 2004
climate change treaty to come into force
15 june 2004
german government sued over climate change
4 june 2004
renewables 2004: the first step to action?
3 june 2004
world bank spins renewable energy conference
1 june 2004
advance notice: major international renewables conference – bonn 1-4 june
24 may 2004
oil ministers urged to stop spoiling the future
13 february 2004
tony blair's top scientist expected to call for u.s. action on climate change
29 january 2004
exxonmobil's historic contribution to climate change asssessed for the first time
8 january 2004
climate change threatens species extinction
friends of the earth calls for urgent action
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