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press releases 2004

  23 november 2004
us plans to allow experimental gm crops to contaminate food
16 november 2004
new scientific paper shows biotech crop safety tests are flawed
26 august 2004
gm trade war outcome delayed
bush fails to win gm case before election
30 june 2004
gm pesticide “secrets” to go public as bayer drops court case
2 june 2004
gm trade war: judges meet in secret
25 may 2004
wto hands off our food, say 48 million in global campaign
14 may 2004
european commission warned over gm food import
10 may 2004
monsanto drops gm wheat
4 may 2004
african groups protest g.m.o. food aid
26 april 2004
gm maize: ministers fail to agree on safety
15 april 2004
europe sets global standard to protect consumers
new gmo food labelling laws come into force
27 february 2004
global rules on gm organisms now 'up and running'
27 february 2004
global conference reaches agreement on biosafety

19 february 2004
gm crops report shows a decade of failure and urgent need for liability rules français

9 february 2004
biopiracy threats at biodiversity meeting

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