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mining press releases 2004

15 november 2004
australian communities demand a shift from coal dependency
31 august 2004
anger as shell rejects nigerian compensation order for 1.5 billion usd
14 august 2004
police shut us-owned polluting gold mine in indonesia
groups condemn 'reckless' global mining pollution guidelines
28 june 2004
shell's directors promise to visit fenceline communities
12 june 2004
inauguration of the chad-cameroon oil pipeline
24 may 2004
oil ministers urged to stop spoiling the future
26 april 2004
world bank president endorses community rights over oil, mining & gas but management prevents implementation
22 april 2004
on the 60th anniversary of the world bank, the friends of the earth chairman demands that president wolfensohn gets out of oil, coal and gas
21 january 2004
lao copper mine funding under attack
8 january 2004
"one shot dead, hundreds arrested and beaten by security at australian-owned mine in north maluku"

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