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trade press releases 2005

Appalling Hong Kong trade deal threatens people and environment (18 dec. '05)
eu, us services liberalization proposals threaten people and planet (16 dec. '05)
next trade battle: patents on life (15 dec. '05)
60 million people say : ";wto take your hands off our food" (14 dec.'05)
world trade talks threaten livelihoods , but fisheries may escape the net (13 dec. '05)
tyranny of free trade exposed in new report (8 dec. '05)
world trade talks poised to fai l, good news for people and planet (29 nov. '05)
trade talks at a standstill : good for people and planet (11 nov. '05)
trade talks: no deal better than a bad deal (1 august '05)
new wto director general lamy urged to review effects of trade rules on the poor and environment (26 may '05)
full scale of w.t.o. challenge to health and environment revealed (24 may '05)
environmental laws lined up for removal by new trade talks (18 april 05)
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