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You are here: Home / Media / Archive / 2005


Appalling Hong Kong trade deal threatens people and environment (18 dec. '05)
Shell ignores court order to stop gas flaring in Nigeria - Company faces contempt action (16 dec. '05)
EU, US services liberalization proposals threaten people and planet (16 dec. '05)
Next trade battle: patents on life (15 dec. '05)
60 million people say "wto take your hands off our food" (14 dec.'05)
World trade talks threaten livelihoods , but fisheries may escape the net (13 dec. '05)
Kyoto thrives in montreal despite last minute game of russian roulette (10 dec. '05)
Shell fenceline communities : Shell CEO must deliver on his promises (8 dec.'05)
tyranny of free trade exposed in new report (8 dec. '05)

Ministers in Montreal must rescue climate talks (7 dec. '05)

Climate talks - slow start but real progress can still be made (3 dec. '05)
Climate mosaic spells out message to talks: make Kyoto live (30 nov. '05)
World trade talks poised to fail, good news for people and planet (29 nov. '05)
Global climate talks start in Montreal (28 nov.'05)
Court orders oil companies to stop gas flaring in Nigeria(14 nov. '05)
Trade talks at a standstill : good for people and planet (11 nov. '05)
China ’s future energy needs (7 nov. '05)
World bank missing its renewable energy targets - climate change meeting starts in london ( 1 nov '05)
Climate strategy , is europe abandoning climate talks leadership? (17 oct '05)
Malaysia: penans' plight requires a stop to logging and plantations (10 oct '05)
solidarity with the peoples of Central America and Mexico (9 oct '05)
Orang-utans face extinction as rainforest destroyed for palm oil (23 sept '05)
OECD guidelines failing to deliver corporate accountability (22 sept '05)
UN world summit : empty words on climate change (16 sept '05)
New African gas pipeline worries civil society (9 september '05)
Nuclear energy no solution to climate change (8 sept '05)
Trade talks: no deal better than a bad deal (1 aug '05)
New climate deal will not tackle climate change (27 july '05)
Lax norms foster shipping pollution (18 july '05)
Everest must be put on un danger list (11 july '05)
Developing countries leave Bush high and dry on climate change (7 july '05)
G8 summit agrees more talk, no action (8 july '05)
G8: summit delivers nothing on climate change (7 july '05)
New report links environmental degradation to rural poverty (6 july '05)
Bush rejects climate deal (4 july '05)
G8: environmentalists speak on climate and corporate power (3 july '05)
G8 leaders must not compromise on climate change (3 july '05)
mMke climate change history , tackling poverty and climate change must go hand in hand (2 july '05)
Shell faces community rebellion at its annual meeting - oil giant's neighbours demand justice (27 june '05)
G8: climate alarm planned: international public call to action on 7 july (24 june '05)
EU ministers vote to keep g.m. food bans - commission defeated ( 24 june '05)
G8 summit: it's time for urgent action on climate change (22 june '05)
Communities sue oil companies to stop Nigerian gas flaring (20 june '05)
G8 summit: growing anger at new leaked g8 climate document (16 june '05)
European Investment Bank urged to make the most of transparency review (7 june '05)
International environmental safety talks end in acrimony - two countries block tighter rules on gm crops and foods (3 june '05)
Is the EIB cooling climate change or fueling it? (2 june '05)
Illegal GMO corn contaminates imports to japan - UN talks on the safety of gm crops reaches crucial stage (2 june '05)
New report shows contamination risk to food and crops as international talks begin (30 may '05)
International talks must demand stricter controls for genetically modified crops (27 may '05)
Leaked G8 document exposes lack of commitment to tackling climate change (27 may '05)
EIB's investments outside the European Union revealed (26 may '05)
New WTO director general lamy urged to review effects of trade rules on the poor and environment (26 may '05)
New reports find BTC pipeline unsafe for azeri citizens (24 may '05)
EU's double standards on GMOs in Central Asia (24 may '05)
Full scale of WTO challenge to health and environment revealed (24 may '05)
Environmental groups unite against corporate assault on free speech (23. feb 05)
Canada denies visa to chief biosafety negotiator from Africa (19 may '05)
Climate change : governments talk but don't act (13 may '05)
NGOs demand Asian Bank to stop playing with the poor (3 may 05)
'Most flawed consultation' award goes to World Bank's private arm (22 apr. 05)
Environmental laws lined up for removal by new trade talks (18 apr. 05)
Europe moves to restrict us maize imports - Friends of the Earth calls for industry to pay the costs (13 april 05)
World Bank support for Laos mega dam is highly risky (4 apr. 05)
Wolfowitz alarming as world bank president (1 april 05)
Millenium ecosysem assessment : main findings and reaction (30 mar. 05)
Africa at risk of invasion from genetically modified crops (21 mar. 05)
Wolfowitz: terrible choice for World Bank president (16 mar. 05)
Environmental groups unite against corporate assault on free speech (23 feb. 05)
United States urged to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (22 feb. 05)
World Food Programme & US denounced for GMO distribution in Central America & Carribean (18 feb. 05)
Climate change treaty goes live but battle on emissions has only just begun (14 feb. 05)
New report blasts water and biodiversity privatization (27 jan. 05)
Davos versus Porto Alegre , round five (24 jan. 05)
Irresponsible corporate behaviour awards to be presented on january 26 (11 jan. 05)
Indian ocean tsunami (4 jan. 05)


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