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You are here: Home / Media / Media review / 2007


Articles on Friends of the Earth International in the media in 2007.
Bully for Bali (16 December 2007, The Times, UK)

VIDEO: Climate deal under fire (15 December 2007, BBC Website)

New global warming pact in sight, China cooperative (15 December 2007, China Daily)

Norway pledges $545 million to fight deforestation but more is needed, says environmentalist (10 December 2007, ADNKronos, Italy)

Global rallies focus on climate (8 December 2007, BBC Website, UK)

Int'l groups concerned over free trade in climate policies (8 December 2007, Xinhua News Agency, China)

Bali heats up over climate change (7 December 2007, United Press International Asia Online)

US, Japan, Canada put up roadblocks at climate conference (German DPA news agency on earthtimes website 5 December 2007)

Washington in the Crosshairs (4 December 2007 Inter Press Service News Agency)

Businesses urge climate action (29 November 2007, Al Jazeera, Qatar)

Horror scene in Bali (28 November 2007, Inquirer, Philippines)

Lobby group to build campaign against uranium mining (21 November 2007, ABC News, Australia)

Vanishing forests a counterpoint to Indonesia's climate crusade  (15 November 2007 Agence France Presse)

Biofuels bonanza facing 'crash' (15 November 2007, BBC website, UK)

Eurostar speeds into a new era (14 November 2007,, Australia)

Europe Advances Plan to Cut Jet Emissions (13 November 2007, The New York Times, USA)

Study: Ships' Diesel Fumes Kill 60,000 Each Year (9 November 2007, Associated Press Story on Fox News)


So just how unethical is your dinner? (30 October 2007, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia)

Pressure on oil companies grows to end gas flaring in Nigeria (29 October 2007, International Herald Tribune)


French Skepticism of GMO Crops Signals Policy Shift (27 October 2007, Deutsche Welle, Germany)

U.N.: Environmental Damage Threatens Life on Earth (26 October 2007, Associated Press story on Fox News, USA)

Public votes on 'worst EU lobbying' award (17 October 2007, EurActiv, Brussels)

Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize (13 October 2007, The Daily Telegraph, Australia)


IMO plans rules on ship recycling (8 October 2007, The Star, Malaysia)

EPA Is Petitioned to Limit Ship Emissions (3 October 2007, New York Times, USA)

Europeans angry after Bush climate speech 'charade' (September 29 2007, The Guardian, UK)

Bush under the microscope at Washington climate talks (27 September 2007, Agence France Presse AFP)

Hilary Benn challenges US to join global drive to cut greenhouse gases (September 25, 2007, The Times (UK)

UN hails 'historic' ozone pact (23 September 2007, Montreal Gazette, Canada)

Shipping Must Do More to Protect Environment (13 September 2007, CNBC, United States)

Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, dies at 64 (12 September 2007, International Herald Tribune)

Activists Sue EPA Over Ship Pollution Standards (6 September 2007, Associated Press, on FOX News website, United States)

Malawi: Torn between the lure and danger of uranium (6 September 2007, IRIN News, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Kenya)

Israel-Jordan Project Aims to Save Dead Sea (5 September 2007, Spiegel Online)


Gulf firms start going greener (1 September 2007, Gulf News, Dubai)

Ghana: Boreholes That Proved a Lifeline Have Come at a Cost (30 August 2007, Inter Press Service)

India and China urged to cut emissions (28 August 2007, Guardian, United Kingdom)

Alternative computing (28 August 2007, New Statesman, United Kingdom)

Colombia: Campaign Seeks to Make Water a Constitutional Right (24 August 2007, Inter Press Service)

Shell ordered to withdraw 'misleading' Dutch ad that made environmental claims (5 July 2007, International Herald Tribune)

Latest world trade talks collapse (21 June 2007, BBC Website, U.K.)

Google launches YouTube local language sites (19 June 2007, Reuters story on Hindustan Times, India)

Are organic standards under attack from GMOs? (13 June 2007, Natural Choices, U.K.)

Emissions fell slightly in the EU during '05 (13 June 2007, International Herald Tribune)

'It's all more talk, really. We have to see some action' (8 June 2007, Guardian, U.K.)

NGOs query Merkel's G8 climate 'success' (8 June 2007, EU Observer, Brussels)

US, Russian Reticence Leaves Loophole in G8 Deal (7 June 2007, Inter Press Service)

G8: Bush Struggles to Regain Leadership at Summit (4 June 2007, Inter Press Service)

Bush’s climate plan ‘the classic US line’: EU (2 June 2007, AFP on Daily Times (Pakistan) website)


For Big Business, Accountability Still a Foreign Word (22 May 2007, Inter Press Service)


Israel's 19th-century solution to restore Dead Sea (12 May 2007 - The - Australia)

Climate Change Can Be Halted, UN Concludes (5 May 2007 - The Independent, UK)

Palm oil industry wary of uncertain futures (16 April 2007 - AP-


Brides say 'I do' to green wedding (11 April 2007 - Reuters News Agency)


Global warming may unleash major species extinction (6 April 2007- Agence France Presse News Agency)


Judge Advances Global Warming Lawsuit (31 March 2007 - Associated Press News Agency)


Five years to save the orang utan (24 March 25 - 2007 - The Guardian - UK)


GM stoush: Beans with human genes (7 March 2007 - Daily Telegraph - Australia)


Green group claims Honda environment call is irony  (4 March 2007- The - Australia)


Dion backtracks on carbon tax (2 March 2007 - Canada.Com)


UK Food Standards Agency Made GM Rice Mistakes (28 February 2007 - Environment News Service)

Palm oil –eco vandal  turned environmental saviour? (11 February 2007- Agence France Presse  News Agency)


EU plan would make damaging the environment a crime (11 February 2007 - Associated Press News Agency)


Fines faced over sewage treatment (6 February 2007 - BBC News)


Dock “ideal” for £800 m gas plant ( 5 February 2007 - BBC News)

Global warming man-made, will continue (2 February 2007 - Associated Press News Agency)

ExxonMobil seeks to take its business to greener pastures (1 February 2007 - Financial Times)


Last Days of Global Warming Talks in Paris (1 February 2007 - Associated Press News Agency)


Campaigners urge Shell to put profits into clean-up (31January 2007 - The Guardian - UK)

Palm Oil May Be an Eco-Nightmare (31 January 2007 - New York Times and International Herald Tribune )


Debates rages over genetically modified crops (19 January 2007 - San Francisco Chronicle)


Britain warns of carbon credit crooks (19 January 2007 - The Australian)


Developing world plants record GM crops (19 January 2007 - The Guardian - UK)

GE crops slow to gain global acceptance (9 January 2007 - Inter Press Service News Agency)

World’s largest gas pipeline proposed to run through Amazon (5 January 2007 - National Geographic Magazine)

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