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Articles on Friends of the Earth International in the media in 2008.

Environmentalists disappointed more was not achieved (15 December 2008, Irish Times, Ireland)

Campaigners Slam EU Climate Deal (13 December 2008, Sky News, UK)

Climate Talks Fail (12 December 2008,, Canada)

Island nations slam slow U.N. progress on climate adaptation (11 December 2008, Reuters news agency, UK)

Groups want enviro-funds out of World Bank (10 December 2008, UPI news agency, USA)

EU tables Poznan pledge to cut emissions 95 per cent (10 December 2008,Business Green, UK)

Climate Change: 'Don't Leave it to the World Bank' (10  December 2008, IPS News Agency)

Activists: World Bank unfit to manage climate funds (9 December 2008, Xinhua news agency, China)

UN official: Relocating island populations no answer (9 December 2008, New Zealand Herald, New Zealand)

Disappointed over ‘green’ cash ( 8 December 2008, Business Mirror,  Philippines)

Friends of the Earth "deeply disappointed" by feed-in tariff proposals (4 December 2008, New Energy Focus, UK)

Building trust tops global climate agenda (1 December 2008, The Christian Science Monitor, USA)

People at risk in forest protection, greens tell UN (26 November 2008, The Age, Australia)

Forest protection plan could displace millions, say campaigners (24 November 2008, The Guardian, UK)

Environmentalists, Nigerians plan to sue Shell (5 November 2008, Reuters)

“Grotesque” oil profits prompt renewables demands (30 October 2008,, UK)

Nations see REDD in rush for carbon credits (29 October 2008, Reuters on Environmental News Network website)

Ethanol stance taints Barack Obama's green credentials (27 October 2008, The Guardian, UK)

VIDEO: Greens hail climate change law (27 October 2008, Channel 4, UK)

Climate of Fear (23 October 2008, the Economist, UK)

'Worst-Of' Awards to Smoke Out EU Lobbyists (21 October 2008, Der Spiegel Online, Germany)

Green groups lose court bid to force Kyoto compliance (21 October 2008, The Vancouver Sun, Canada)

Terror law excuse for FoI veto (18 October 2008, The Age, Australia)

Rich Nations 'should pay poor nations billions a year to save rainforests' (15 October 2008, The Times, UK)

People 'can still go green in the credit crunch' (14 October 2008, Money News, UK)

Israel's demand for water is draining the Sea of Galilee (11 October 2008, Financial Times Deutschland, Germany)

A Bit of 'I Told You So' Outside World Bank Talks (10 October 2008, The New York Times, USA)

GM crop behind farmer suicides (7 October 2008, Times of India, India)

A Moribund Nuclear Manufacturing Industry Shows Signs of Life (30 September 2008, US News and World Report, USA)

UK accused of 'sabotaging' Europe's green energy plans (26 September 2008, The Guardian, UK)

Plans to protect forests could do the opposite, warns Friends of the Earth (The Guardian newspaper, 25 September 2008, UK)

Heros of the Environment 2008 (25 September 2008, Time magazine, USA)

GM cotton grown in China has wider impact on insects than intended crop (19 September 2008, the Telegraph, UK)

20 prominent US manufacturers pledge to avoid using cloned animals in food (15, September 2008, Australian Food News, Australia)

Malta needs Climate change Legislation (12 September 2008, Malta Media News, Malta)

EU committee Votes to Cut Biofuels Goal (11 September 2008, Spiegel Online, Germany)

Europeans Say Companies Should Slow Climate Change, Poll Shows (11 September 2008, Bloomberg, USA)

Norwegian wealth fund sells stake in Rio Tinto (10 September 2008, Times Online, UK)

Biofuel boom profiting corporations, not locals: activist (9 September 2008, AFP)

Watchdog group slams FDA for continued delay an inaction (8 September 2008, Nanowerk, USA)

One in four 'facing fuel poverty' (8 September 2008, BBC, UK)

Green guru to the stars falls out with Friends of the Earth (7 September 2008, Sunday Herald, UK)

Parliament strongly backs hydrogen cars (3 September 2008, EU Observer)

Environment: Solar plant yields water and crops from the desert (3 September 2008, the Guardian, UK)

West African coastline to be submerged by 2099 (28 August 2008, Environmental Expert, Spain, Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)

Postcard From Jordan Valley (28 August 2008, Time magazine, USA)

Friends of the Earth accuses Stora Enso of buying political influence in Brazil (22 August 2008, Helsingin Sanomat, Finland)

Eco-police find new target: Oreos (21 August 2008, CNN-Money, USA)

Clash over plan to save tropical forests (August 21 2008, The Guardian, UK)

UN climate talks seek new climate treaty (21 August 2008, Reuters news agency story on

United by misery: Two boys from Gaza and Nilin (19 August 2008, Mehr News, Iran)

Urgent call for Rudd and Clarke on climate change action (19 August 2008, the New Zealand Herald, New Zealand)

Dutch Club to Recycle Dancers' Energy (18 August 2008, Spiegel Online, Germany)

Burning Desire remains for coal (17 August 2008, BBC News, UK)

Prince Charles sparks debate over GM crops claims (13 August 2008, the Telegraph, UK)

80% of British biofuels are unsustainable (12 August 2008, New Scientist, UK)

Banks face criticism over coal funding (11 August 2008,, UK)

Ethanol in gas won't be halved (8 August 2008, The Washington Times, USA)

Enviros Upset Over Obama's Drilling Stance, Happy with Rest of Energy Plan (5 August 2008,, USA)

Breaking Own Record, Exxon Sets Highest U.S. Profits Ever (1 August 2008, Washington Post, USA)

Big BP Profits Spur Talk of Windfall Tax (30 July 2008 Business Week, USA)

Exclusive: Toys from hit new green movie Wall-E blasted over amount of packaging (27 July 2008, Sunday Mail, UK)

Humanity only has 100 months to save the planet from global warming (21 July 2008, the Economic Times, India)

Cars powered by rubbish 'in two years time' (21 July 2008, The Telegraph, UK)

Green groups bolster lobby against offshore drilling (16 July 2008, The Washington Times, USA)

Conservation: Clawback time (16 July 2008, The Guardian, UK)

Latin America: Biofuels - Banks fuelling argument (15 July 2008, Ethical Corporation, UK)

Supermarkets throw away two million tons of food a year (13 July 2008, Sunday Mirror, UK)

G-8 Failure on Emissions Plan Threatens Climate Fight (9 July 2008, Bloomberg, USA)

Deal on climate change at risk as developing nations blast G8 (9 July 2008, daily mail, UK)

Environmentalists unhappy with G8 emissions goal (8 July 2008, Belfast Telegraph, N.Ireland)

EU moves to cut back target on biofuel use (7 July 2008,International Herald Tribune)

VIDEO: Biofuels discussion (27 June 2008, BBC News Channel, UK)

Africa seeks common position on climate change (21 June 2008, Zambia Daily Mail)

GM crops needed in Britain, says minister (19 June 2008, the Independent, UK)

German Climate-Protection Plan Falls Short of Target (18 June 2008, Bloomberg)


Climate protesters demand swifter U.N. action (Reuters news agency, 12 June 2008, UK)

Greens, Lawmakers Assail World Bank Funds (6 June 2008, Inter Press Service)

Africa: Only the cover is green (15 May 2008, Inter Press Service)

Europe: New Safety Concerns Raised Over Nuclear Plants (12 May 2008, Inter Press Service)

Climate Hopes and Fears at Poznan (Environment News Service, 12 May 2008, USA)

Europe Grapples Over Biofuels (8 May 2008, Time Magazine, USA)

ADB's 'climate change hypocrisy' denounced by civil society groups (6 May 2008, Times of India)

Trying to Lighten That Carbon Footprint (4 May 2008, New York Times, USA)

Advertising Watchdog Receives Record Complaints Over Corporate 'Greenwash' (3 May 2008, Environmental News Network, USA)

UN Permanent Forum raises Pacific concerns (1 May 2008, National Indigenous Times, Australia)

US to halt greenhouse gas rise by 2025: Bush (17 April 2008, Agence France Presse story on Times of India website)

Change in farming can feed world - report (16 April 2008, The Guardian, UK)

World Bank’s proposed climate funds opposed (14 April 2008, Zambia Daily Mail)

Biofuels scheme 'may damage environment' (14 April 2008, Daily Telegraph, UK)

Not food versus fuel but food and fuel (7 April 2008, Economic Times, India)

The great carbon con: Can offsetting really help to save the planet? (3 April 2008, Independent, UK)

Protesters to 'shut down' Newcastle (1 April 2008, Brisbane Times, Australia)

Radiohead´s Thom Yorke edits new magazine (23 March 2008, NME, UK)

Nuclear plans attract fresh fire (22 March 2008, BBC, UK)

West Bank faces toxic waste crisis (21 March 2008, Al Jazeera, Qatar)

Developed and developing nations clash at climate talks (19 March 2008, Agence France Press story on Channel News Asia Website)

104 products on shelves already contain toxic 'grey goo' by stealth, say Friends of the Earth (11 March 2008, Daily Mail, UK)

A change in the climate: credit crunch makes the bottom line the top issue (6 March 2008, Guardian, UK)

Feed people or feed cars? (3 March 2008, Daily Observer, Gambia)

McDonald's Redesigns Deadly Lids (27 February 2008, Spiegel Online, Germany)

Radiohead join battle against climate change (27 February 2008, Daily Telegraph, UK)

Friends of the Earth launch climate change campaign (25 February 2008, Malta Independent, Malta)

Garnaut inquiry into climate change a step forward (25 February 2008, The Age, Australia)

Biofuel-powered jet makes test flight (24 February 2008, CNN, USA)

2 Reports At Odds On Biotech Crops (14 February 2008, Washington Post, USA)

GM crops 'lead to surge in weedkiller use' (12 February 2008, Daily Mail, UK)

Tidal power farm plan off coast (7 February 2008, BBC, UK)

Kiribati declares Phoenix Islands as marine protected area (31 January 2008, Islands Business, Fiji)

Europe thinks alternatively in quest to go 'green' (28 January 2008, USA Today, USA)

Aid for Ethiopian Dam Challenged (26 January 1008, IPS)

To bio or not to bio - are 'green' fuels really good for the earth? (26 January 2008, Guardian, UK)

NGOs cool on EU climate change targets (23 January 2008, Agence France Presse on Terra Daily Website)

Davos: The Public Eye Is Watching (17 January 2008, Inter Press Service)

British PM Brown heads to Asia, told to put ¨own house in order¨ (17 January 2008, Channel News Asia, Singapore)

Hungarian conservationists ask EU to give up biofuel target (15 January 2008, Hungarian news agency and Budapest Times, Hungary)

Forest saved from more development (9 January 2008, Aftenposten, Norway)

Gas flaring committee is window dressing, says ERA (9 January 2008, Punch, Nigeria)

UK advertising watchdog censures 'misleading' Malaysian palm oil ad (8 January 2008, Agence France Presse story on, USA)

Hooray for Oil at Over 100 Dollars? (5 January 2008, Rue 89, France)

Decay by design (3 January 2008, Newsday, Trinidad & Tobago)

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